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Hunt for YourStory Entrepreneur of the Year – 2015

Hunt for YourStory Entrepreneur of the Year – 2015

Wednesday November 25, 2015 , 3 min Read

Entrepreneurs are the heroes and role models of today. But those who know entrepreneurship know that entrepreneurs are far more than that – they are superheroes.

yourstory-YS-Entrepreneur-of-2015 (1)

They not only save the world with their ingenuity but show us how to escape the 9 to 5 cycle of drudgery. They have the “courage to follow their heart and intuition.” Their laser-focused vision teaches us to see, and their never-say-die attitude shows that success is about “99 percent perspiration”.

In India, where the measure of success is still a corner office, a swanky car, and a villa with a pool, the entrepreneur superhero has had to strive hard under the cloak of anonymity for long.

When YourStory brought entrepreneurs into the limelight nearly eight years ago, the common reaction was, “Who wants to read about someone no one knows?”

Today, most of those unknown names are making headlines in mainstream media, being celebrated nationwide, and grabbing the attention of the global business and investment community.

When the Prime Minister of the country goes abroad and extols the virtues of entrepreneurs disrupting old ways of doing things and finding solutions to hard problems, you know the tables have turned.

In yet another acknowledgement of entrepreneurs, we’re proud to announce the hunt for YourStory Entrepreneur of the Year – 2015.

As pioneers of celebrating entrepreneurial spirit, we salute all the doers and thinkers who have but one mission – to build a better world.

The contest, the rules, and the fine print

The People’s Choice for YS Entrepreneur of the Year

This is a unique contest in that the winning metric is solely the people's choice. We would love to know who you admire the most among the entrepreneurs of today.

This award is free of the more traditional competition parameters of judging business model viability, revenue growth rates, profitability and so on.

The intention of this part of the contest is to celebrate and foster the free spirit of entrepreneurship without any investor or journalistic or business judgment or business model adopted.

The contest is completely online and completely community-driven. Quite simply, this is where you get to nominate an entrepreneur who you feel deserves the title. So if you know anyone who is doing any of the following, go ahead and tell us about them (details further down).

Is your choice of entrepreneur...

  • solving a difficult problem that plagues society.
  • building a solution that has the potential to scale and become a pan-India business.
  • using technology in an innovative way.
  • unravelling the commercial value of ideas for the common man.
  • demonstrating leadership acumen to lead and scale a company to new heights.

If you do know of someone, then please submit your nomination for the People’s Choice for YS Entrepreneur of the Year – 2015. And because we’ve always believed that you should be able to tell your own story, feel free to nominate yourself too.

The fine print

  1. Please ensure you provide your details in the nomination form. Without such details, we won’t be able to validate your nomination.
  2. Nomination closes on December 12, 2015.
  3. The awards will be announced on December 25, 2015. Winners will be given exciting prizes, not to mention some fantastic online coverage by YourStory.