Disability is only a state of mind, says physically challenged painter Sarita Dwivedi


Sarita Dwivedi’s life turned upside down when she was four. She became a victim of an electrical power line. Her hands and her right leg had to be amputated after she was electrocuted by an 11,000-watt high-tension wire. However, her handicap hasn’t dampened her spirits.

“I use my creativity to overcome my disabilities. I grew up like a normal child and my family has been extremely supportive of me. Whenever I get free time from studies, I paint,” says Sarita, in a report in The Hindu. Besides being a painter, she is an expert in sewing, handicrafts and clay modelling. Today she is self-reliant woman.

Sarita studied at the Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Allahabad. She used to participate in card-making and rangoli-making competitions. “My drawing teacher Indu Pandey was so impressed with my painting that she kept motivating me to participate in competitions. However, it was only when I received the Bal Shree Award, I realised I am passionate about painting. The win instilled so much confidence in me that I decided that I had to take my painting seriously. Ajay Jaitley, the Head of the Fine Arts Department, Allahabad University, also pushed me to achieve my goal. I had met him in Class VI. He helped me learn the nuances of painting,” says Sarita. She is also the recipient of the Mind of Steel Award given by the Government of India. Sarita went on to pursue her Bachelor Of Fine Arts from Allahabad University, reports The Telegraph.

“I had always wanted people to know me as a talented artist and not for the disability I suffer with because it hardly poses any difficulty in my routine life,” says Sarita.

“We as parents are worried for her as besides her physical challenges, two sisters and her brother have yet to get settled. We feel proud when she receives various awards but we would be happier when someone would come forward to sponsor her painting and cost of her studies,” said Vimla Devi, her mother. “I am so proud to be known as the mother of Sarita,” she added in a report in The Times Of India.

“Being physically challenged doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. Disability is only a state of mind,” says Sarita.

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