5 tips to get connected with millennials through direct marketing


Millennials have been dominating the demographic conversation for a close to decade now, and as they continue to grow they turn out to be the most influential consumers around the world. So, it does become important to know precisely how they could communicate with the group through all the marketing efforts.

When it comes to direct marketing there are a few principles that need to be kept in mind, along with some tactics that would help your campaign connect with millennials on a level they could relate to and respond. Given here are the top five major ideas and strategies that would help you get connected with your millennials through direct marketing.

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Understanding who they are: Millennials are generally thought to be the kids who are still dependent on their parents. However, members of this demographic group are generally in the age group of 19 – 36. More than half of the older millennials are married and have children. This would mean that they would have adult concerns and priorities and the consumer spending power to the match.

Do not get formal: Remember you are dealing with a generation that believes it is okay to come to office in a T-shirt and jeans. Being formal is not a way to deal with the millennials, and the copy that you produce in your direct mail pieces should be going as casual as you can. Still, it is important that you maintain your brand identity and do not bend too much just to cater to the entire group. Throwing about a few slang terms might help you earn some brownie points and get millennials to your next step of the product.

Inviting them to collaborate with you: Nearly half of the millennials say that they would like to help organisations who could help them in developing their own products and services. Incorporating surveys, personalisation, and the other items would allow you to connect with all employees within the organisation.

Creating campaigns that would link direct mail with promotions: One quarter of the millennial population cannot remember the last time they did not have their phone within arm's reach. When you have a direct mail being created, also try and incorporate the digital and the mobile-friendly ways that would help them get connected with these campaigns. Try and use the QR codes being linked to the videos or the other online content that would expand and enrich your direct mail messaging.

Creating visually-compelling emails: Remember this is a generation that grew up online and generally tends to have visual learners. So, as digital marketers, have modern and well-designed assets that could catch the eye of your marketing audience. Try and make use of graphs, images and colours to stay ahead of your competitors.

To conclude, as retailers and marketers we are still learning about what makes the millennials stick. By paying careful attention to their values, interests and the languages that they speak, we can draw some conversations together building a stronger relationship.