Elements of an unforgettable CV

Elements of an unforgettable CV

Monday May 09, 2016,

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If you’re just out of college, you have so much competition around you that getting that very first dream job can almost seem like a miracle. You are judged and recruited solely on the bases of that 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper that you present to them. Curriculum vitae (CV) happens to be one of the most important documents of your career.

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Your resume not only represents what you have done, but also speaks volumes of who you are and how you’ll impact the company. It literally creates a multi-dimensionality that brings your skills and talents to life. Since your resume is your first contact with a potential employer, you need to have one that commands attention.

Follow these simple tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

TIP 1: Research, research and research

Before you write a resume, you need to have a basic idea about the company. By knowing more about the workplace, you give out an impression of truly being interested and show that you’re willing to go the extra mile. Your CV is just a representation of yourself in paper or electronic form. So, like you, it should turn up looking confident, well-researched, and smart.

Tip 2: Keep it brief and impactful

If you try to put every single experience of yours down on paper, you risk becoming boring. You need to be able to say a lot with a few words. Limit your resume to one page, two at the most. You can always add attachments or let them know that further information is available upon request. You need to make it count and leave the employer want to know more about you. Make them intrigued to the point where they just need to meet you.

TIP 3: Watch your words

Don’t forget that your potential employers use this to create their first impression about you. Give out all your details truthfully and mention your achievements along with your skills. Use certain specific industry terms to show your expertise in the field. More than half of HR pros (51%) said they’d automatically dismiss a candidate if they found a lie on a person’s resume. Your aim is to come across as genuine as possible. Remember that you are quite literally selling yourself to them. You have to be impactful enough for them to proceed further with the interview call.

Tip 4: Think out of the box

There are tons of people applying for the job that you are. You need to be able to set yourself apart from them. You can get as creative as possible while writing your CV. Different resume templates are available online to help you craft the perfect one. The person reading it on the other end may be more than grateful to have something that breaks the monotony. Robby Leonardi’s design works went viral in an 8-bit video game, Matthew Epstein’s video resume appealing for a job at Google racked up more than 1.3 million views on YouTube, and Nina Mufleh got herself tending with her impactful resume.

Tip 5: Include a cover letter

Basically, a cover letter is a vital piece of introduction that highlights your key accomplishments. Not only does it add focus to your resume, but it also tells the employer the type of position you’re seeking and exactly how you are qualified for that position. A cover letter needs to be part of your job-search strategy. It must strictly be tailored to each job and each employer differently.

Tip 6: Add infographic and visual design features

Using colourful infographics, work skill graphs, job experience timelines, customisable word maps, and assorted graphic icons will change the look of your resume completely. If you really want to make your resume unforgettable, choose a template that you can inject your personality into. It easily grabs the attention of the potential employer and makes your skills stand out creatively. Be sure that you are using a graphic resume template that has clarity.

Tip 7: Always customise

A customised resume relates to a specific job. Potential employers respond better to candidates who are more specific and well-researched. The reader should come away with a feeling that the applicant has specifically designed his/her CV for the company. It emphasises your strengths and dedication. You could use the colour scheme of the company on your resume or use the same font or even add various layouts to be more relatable.