Some startup conflicts which are bound to happen, and how to deal with them

Priyanka Gupta
27th Jun 2016
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The world as we knew it changed when the startup revolution took over. Suddenly, people began leaving high-paying jobs at MNCs in herds to become entrepreneurs. A new wave was created which brought with it an energetic and innovative vibe. The primary reason for the increase in the number of startups was the unique work culture, particularly its flat hierarchy. With their ground-breaking ideas, entrepreneurs started shaping the ethos within which they were functioning.


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But good things never last. The upbeat work culture celebrated by startups is now causing trouble for entrepreneurs. Founders are now dealing with new forms of misunderstandings and differences of opinion which are affecting productivity.

It is dangerous for any startup to ignore misunderstandings that occur within and among their teams. Here are some common conflicts that can arise in a startup.

Ego clashes

Startups recruit talent  ranging from freshers to seasoned veterans. The wide age gap among members of the work force coupled with the culture of multitasking and teamwork can become a cause of friction.

Decision-making clashes

Another kind of misunderstanding arises when there is a difference of opinion between key decision-making players. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you understand what kind of clashes can happen in your company and be prepared to deal with them. You have to be motivated and also have to keep your manpower motivated.

Here are a few ways to deal with such conflicts.

Clearly define your strategic intent

As an entrepreneur, you should take some time to clearly define the strategic intent of your business. This includes the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organisation. When employees are clear about what to achieve, they focus exclusively on reaching their goals.

Replace the flat hierarchy with an open hierarchy

The two pillars of a long-lasting work culture are integrity and transparency in internal operations. Since a startup has a small team, it is a wonderful idea to get everyone on the same page. The point of this is not just to create a level playing field but also to give equal access to each employee.

Build internal PR

Nothing is better than the entrepreneur/founder himself personally keeping in touch with his employees. The knowledge, that as a founder, you are reaching out to them will have a positive psychological impact on your team. They feel a sense of belongingness with the company and start working towards their goals with more dedication.

Bandage well

When dealing with different kinds of people, it is only natural to face certain challenges. But it is important to get past them quickly and channel your team’s attention back to their work. You need to develop a style of leadership that helps you tackle problems skilfully. You should take a stand when needed and always be just in his decisions.

Talent development opportunities

People stick to an organisation when they see that it provides them opportunities to grow personally and professionally. It is the responsibility of an entrepreneur to provide such opportunities to their teams to help them accomplish personal goals.

Exercise caution

Hire your employees well and choose leaders wisely. Entrepreneurs can hire employees directly or take help from recruitment agencies. Get the best people on your team so that they deliver the best results with minimum friction.

The single largest function of a business – talent management – can become the greatest source of emotional heartache for entrepreneurs. Adopt the best management practices and treat your talent with respect to avoid conflict and to ensure the smooth working of your organisation.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory)

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