How to beat down days as an entrepreneur

How to beat down days as an entrepreneur

Friday August 12, 2016,

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If you’ve chosen entrepreneurship over all else, you’re made of strong stuff. Those who have walked the path know that it is riddled with uncertainty and challenges, some of which occur on a daily basis. As people, it is natural for entrepreneurs to feel a little beaten sometimes. How do you keep going in the midst of uncertainties? How do you keep a cool head even when the world is coming to an end? What do you do when the tsunami strikes? Here’s what:


Acknowledge it and take time out

There’s no bigger cure for a problem than accepting its existence. With acceptance comes recovery. If you’ve been feeling down and out, maybe it is time to step away for a bit. We all think that the ship will sink without us, but the ship will do just fine for a few hours. On some days, it feels impossible to go to the workplace and give another pep talk. Don’t do it then. Take time off and do something that can pep you up. Working out works for this entrepreneur. What works for you?

Chuck the negativity out

Often, most of our doubts come not from us but from those around. Even one person having a negative influence on the team is enough to ruin the deal. Unless someone has constructive feedback to give, don’t give them your time – be it the neighbourhood ‘uncle’, your peers or your employees. If you doubt yourself, ask where this doubt is coming from and work to resolve it.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, as long as you look for it

In this powerful video, David Brooks points out what we live for and how to achieve it. Picture this: You’re taking a walk and you see someone selling snacks on the side of the road. He looks particularly chirpy and talks to every customer, even though it is rather chilly and he’s dressed flimsily. Do you think he can smile through that if he didn’t like what he was doing? You may be feeling down and out today, but could you have kept on for so long if you didn’t enjoy entrepreneurship in the first place?

Something’s holding you back

It could be anything. Maybe you had conviction once and it is soon fading away. Maybe you wanted to build one thing and are building something completely different now. Maybe you don’t believe this will work. Every entrepreneur on the planet has wondered, at least once, if he or she is on the right track. Find a way to believe in yourself and bring your potential to the fore. As always, inspiration is everywhere.

Find a mentor

Sometimes, we don’t have all the answers, and this is perfectly fine. Consider voicing your ideas out to a mentor you trust. If they have experience in what you’re doing, it’s even better. Once you find a good mentor, never let them go. Those with experience and sound advice to offer are often the best to pull us out of a rut.

If you’re looking for instant pep talks, there’s no better place than TED. Some of these videos can put you right back in your zone.