Is your workplace making you sick? Here are 5 products that will help you stay healthy

Is your workplace making you sick? Here are 5 products that will help you stay healthy

Monday August 22, 2016,

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If going to work isn’t something you look forward to, chances are that your workplace is taking a toll on your health. This can be attributed to many factors like demanding working hours, rotten air, the unreasonable expectations of your boss or the prolonged hours to get to work done because of traffic jams. Before you know it, you will be undergoing a medical condition called ‘chronic stress’, which is detrimental to both your physical and mental health. While people may think it is one of the most common conditions that working people are subjected to, stress poses serious health hazards to one’s health.

workplace stress

A recent report from the Behavioral Science and Policy Association that reviewed 228 studies showed that common office conditions are as damaging to your health as second-hand smoke.

You can curb sickness once you are determined to walk the path of a healthy lifestyle. Try these products to commence your journey towards staying fit, healthy and stress-free at work.

Exercise ball chair

One of the most worthwhile ways of staying hearty at the workplace is to start sitting on an exercise ball chair. Making this switch will help in correcting your posture, apart from toning and strengthening your core. This chair makes sure that all your muscles stay active and functional all day long. The root cause of ill health at work starts from bad posture and sitting continuously for long hours. But with an exercise ball chair, your back and spinal problems will be a thing of the past.


One of the best investments in furniture that you can make at your workplace is on footrests because of its many ergonomic rewards. Most times, efficiency at the workplace is hampered because of back and leg problems. A footrest makes sure that your legs are always in a comfortable position and supports blood circulation, keeping the lower back upright. For making the most of this piece of furniture, it is advisable to keep changing your position by lifting your hips, moving your arms and adjusting your back. Once you inculcate the habit of sitting reclined with the help of a footrest, you are also narrowing down the chances of any injury to your lower back.


Integrate a smartwatch to your smartphone to witness visible positive results with respect to fitness and staying healthy at the workplace. A smartwatch is your personal fitness tracker even while you are accomplishing the most taxing tasks. From monitoring your heart rate to counting the number of steps that you have walked, a smartwatch is a boon for fitness-obsessed employees. It will also remind you to have your meals, monitor your calorie intake and suggest workouts that need to be done in order to meet the daily requirements for your level of fitness. You can even personalise your diet and exercise regimes so that the smartwatch can help keep a check on your health.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants have been known to bring life to a dull work environment. They are one of the most tried and tested ways of keeping employees refreshed and motivated. With various benefits of removing impurities and toxins from the polluted air, indoor plants also bring about a positive light to your desk. They are low-maintenance and have the ability to thrive in conditions of low light. You just need to water them once a week and let the ‘green remedy’ cure you with its positivity and freshness.

Healthy snacks

Keeping a packet of nuts, yogurt, oatmeal biscuits or granola bars handy at work is also one of the ways to stay fit. The idea of consuming healthy snacks is to feel full and satisfied throughout the day and prevent gorging on junk food. If your work requires you to sit in the same position for a long time, then bingeing on unhealthy food can affect your health. Eating healthy snacks every two hours after your main meals keeps your metabolism up at all times without letting fatigue bother the body.

Thus, minor alterations in everyday habits and office furniture can result in long-term positive effects on your health. Take frequent small breaks or practise simple yoga asanas to correct your posture every time you feel tired. This will help you keep your energy levels high at all times and will make you more productive.

Try these out and watch the change happen!