Are you a workaholic? These 8 high-paying jobs are just for you!

Are you a workaholic? These 8 high-paying jobs are just for you!

Friday October 14, 2016,

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Are you the kind of person who wakes up every morning thinking about your tasks for the day?

Do you often forget about having lunch while working?

Does your free time involve thinking about work?

Is being at work the only hobby you can think of?

Do you think about working even when you are sick?

Do you feel more excited being at work than being with your friends and family?


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If the answer to most of these questions was ‘Yes’, chances are you are a workaholic. So, if you are passionate about giving your best efforts and excelling at your job, why not get paid for it handsomely? Wouldn’t getting paid well make you love your work even more?

For the same reason, we have put together a list of best jobs for workaholics that also pay well. If you are just starting out, these might help you find your best career path. If long work hours excite you, these are the jobs for you:

Physician and surgeons

Physicians and surgeons diagnose a person for ailments or injuries and prescribe medicines or perform surgery as the situation demands. All physicians complete an undergraduate degree of four to five years followed by an internship, and three to seven years of specialisation.

Average work hours: 51.2

Average pay: Rs 958,964

Judicial employees

Judicial employees may take up the role of a lawyer, a judge, a magistrate or other similar legal roles. They essentially take care of a person’s legal proceedings. A bachelor’s degree in law followed by clearance of the state bar exam is enough for a person to start practising as a lawyer. To become a judge, one must work as an attorney for a few years to be considered for the judicial nomination.

Average work hours: 45.5

Average pay: Rs 726,490

Engineering and architectural managers

As the name suggests, engineering and architectural managers manage various activities in a firm or company. They plan, execute and coordinate activities. A bachelor’s degree in architecture or any engineering field is the minimal requirement to be applicable for the post.

Average work hours: 46.7

Average pay: Rs 696,965

Personal financial advisors

Personal financial advisors help people make well-informed financial decisions for a better and beneficial future. They use their extensive knowledge of investment strategies, insurance, tax, securities, real estate and retirement plans to advise their clients on monetary matters. A bachelor’s degree in finance can help one become a successful financial advisor.

Average work hours: 53.4

Average pay: Rs 528,012


Actuaries are professionals who manage risk. They help the organizations identify the financial costs of risk and uncertainty to plan for better financial decisions and protect them from loss. Thus, they essentially form the backbone of financial security. A person needs to pass a series of examinations conducted by the National Institute of Actuaries to start their career.

Average work hours: 42.8

Average pay: Rs. 977,943


Economists provide their opinions on various issues like international news, science, technology, politics or business and give authoritative insights and advice to help make better decisions. A bachelor’s degree in economics is sufficient to kickstart a career as an economist.

Average Work Hours: 44.2

Average pay: Rs 615,336

Aircraft pilots and craft engineers

They control the flight of an aircraft and operate the transport of cargo and passengers by handling the directional flight controls.

Average work hours: 55.1

Average pay: Rs. 1,213,564

Sales engineers

A sales engineer sells a company’s products by applying technological and scientific knowledge of products, services and the current market scenario.

Average work hours: 47.3

Average pay: Rs 442,039

There you go! Pick your interest and a job that pays you well in addition to helping you grow professionally. Let us know if you can add a few more to the list!