Love sports? These are the 5 high-paying jobs for you

Love sports? These are the 5 high-paying jobs for you

Tuesday October 18, 2016,

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Love sports, but unfortunately lack superman skills and speed? If you are a sports enthusiast and dream of making a career as a non-athlete, we have good news. The sports industry offers employment opportunities for a host of professions who make anything from an average salary up to a very high one. Here’s are the top career paths where you can hope to do the best:


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Fitness and wellness coordinator

Fitness and wellness coordinators mostly work in gyms. They coordinate fitness and wellness activities and programmes for individuals or groups. Their role also consists of managing the administrative tasks up to some level in order to keep the gym or health and fitness facility organised – hiring personal trainers, zumba or yoga instructors, for example. They also deal with individuals one-on-one to understand their fitness goals and prepare a mix of diet and exercise schedules as per their needs.

Average salary: INR 2,36,238 – INR 10,40,000

Sports medicine specialist

A sports medicine specialist is someone who diagnoses and treats injuries that occur during athletic or sports activities. These specialists get specialized training in both prevention of such injuries and their treatment. In order to become a sports medicine specialist, one needs to complete their medicinal or MBBS degree followed by an additional 1-2 years of specialized training and fellowship in Sports Medicine.

Average salary: INR 12,00,000

Athlete/Celebrity manager

A celebrity manager manages the career profile of celebrities, athletes and artists. They help them fashion and represent their career in the best way possible to create more and better opportunities. The strongest traits of a celebrity manager are good communication skills coupled with sharp business acumen and willingness to take calculated risks. A bachelor’s degree in Media, Public Relations or Marketing is good enough to get you started in this field. If you love sports, management and travel, celebrity management is one of the best career choices.

Average salary: Up to INR 10,63,113

Programme manager

Programme managers coordinate and manage the activities related to TV, radio, news and other sports-related programmes. They play the role of a visionary who helps fabricate a certain image of the personnel or business involved. Besides this, they focus on strategy and implementation to delegate and help the project reach its required objective. The minimum requirement to get started in the field of project management is a bachelor’s degree in business.

Average salary: INR 20,00,000

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