Enough is enough: Michelle Obama calls it as she sees it

Enough is enough: Michelle Obama calls it as she sees it

Saturday October 15, 2016,

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"This isn't about politics, it's about basic human decency and wrong. We can't endure it. Now is the time for all of us to say - enough is enough."

Speaking at a campaign rally at New Hampshire US First Lady Michelle Obama highlighted the importance of women standing up for themselves, fitting for a time where a Presidential candidate is bragging about sexually assaulting women and taking pride in sexually predatory behaviour.

"I can't believe that I am saying this but I can't stop thinking about it. It has shaken me to the core in a way I could have not predicted. It is painful for so many of us not just as women but also as parents trying to protect our children and raise them as caring individuals and adults. Our leaders should have basic standards of human decency. The fact is we have a candidate for US President who in the course of his lifetime and this campaign has said things about women that are so shocking and demeaning," she said.

Calling out Donald Trump for his demeaning behaviour, shameful comments on women's bodies, their hopes, aspirations and dreams the First Lady showed why it is important for women to speak up and take a stand.

Trump's been very clear in his speeches, talks and tweets that he thinks you can do anything you want with a woman. Just shows us why Trump as President has the potential to show not just America but the world that women and young girls are fair game, and it is okay to disrespect and abuse them.

As Michelle rightly pointed out, "If all of this is painful to us as women then how's it impacting our young girls and more importantly the men and boys in our country. Fathers, brothers, sons and husbands are worried about the impact it is having on our young boys who are looking for role models who can show what it is to be a man."

With his shameful comments on women bodies, their intellect, ambition and capabilities, this is not about politics or making headlines. It is about standing up for women and their rights. For calling out a bully who is using a political platform to show that women don't matter, their rights and feeling don't matter.

It is time for women in America to take a stand and use their voting rights to ensure that they don't let a bully who lacks basic human decency to sit in an office that requires more than just locker-room talk.

It is a timely reminder for all of us that women and women's rights matter, and women need to speak up. They need to speak up for themselves and each other. Michelle Obama stuck to her guns, and others need to do the same.

In a larger context, this is not just about demeaning women but also about basic human decency. It is about respect, respect of other human beings, of an office that defends democracy and of a country that is the land of the free.