Signs that you should be taking a career break

Signs that you should be taking a career break

Thursday October 20, 2016,

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You're not a machine, so stop working like one. Take a break from your routine job, figure out what you're passionate about and pursue it before it's too late. A career break used to be considered an audacious move until a few years ago, but now that the work pressure has crossed all limits, it has become the need of the hour.

Although excessive work without any break often leads to job burnout, bad decision making, disturbed relationships and frustration, most people fail to understand when it is the right time to take a break from their jobs. They blame everyone around them, behave badly with their loved ones and hardly enjoy their work, but keep delaying their break. For such people and others who wish to determine the right time to take a career break, here are five signs to watch out for:


Life between Monday and Friday is a nightmare

What's the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word Monday? Do you jump out of your bed on every Monday morning to reach your office as soon as possible and get into your 200 percent productivity mode straight away? Or do you head to the office just because you have to? If Monday doesn't excite you as much as Friday, chances are you're not enjoying your work. It's the first sign that you require a break from your job.

You're not able to give your 100 percent at work

You know your efficiency level, and working for 15 hours straight has never frightened you in the past. Yet, you've been unable to focus on your work over the last few months. The reason seems unknown, but you aren't able to give your best at work even if you want to. It's hurting your image, your self-confidence and, most importantly, your performance.

Work-life balance seems like a dream 

If you don't remember the last time you had dinner with your family or read your children their favourite story, you're in big trouble. If continued in the long run, this may ruin your family life and give birth to trust issues with your partner. So, rather than going with the flow and accepting this tragic unbalanced work-life as your fate, take some time off from your job and focus on reviving your life, your relationships and, most importantly, your career.

You're unable to deal with your colleagues

If you don't feel happy at the workplace, you can't behave appropriately with colleagues, boss or any supporting staff. Sometimes extra pressure during month-ends or quarter-ends may cause this behaviour, and that's completely normal. But if it continues even when everyone else around you seems happy, you should consider it seriously. Taking a break from your job for some time and reconsidering professional commitments will definitely help you overcome this situation.

You feel increasingly unhealthy

With poor health, you can't lead a happy life – be it professional or personal. If you've noticed a drastic change in your health lately due to excessive work, you need to rethink your professional commitments. After all, the hard work done at the workplace is useless if your payslips are spent on hospital bills.

These are some of the common signs which may indicate that it's high time you take an immediate break from work. Give it a shot and use this break to spend time with loved ones, participate in activities that make you happy and reconsider your priorities.

Let me know if you've taken a career break lately. If yes, how did you utilise that period?