The first NVIDIA Emerging Companies Summit in India to showcase startup innovation – from AI to VR to Robotics

By Team YS|30th Nov 2016
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This article is brought to you by NVIDIA

A world leader in AI computing is hosting a first of its kind event in India. The first Emerging Companies Summit is a dedicated platform for all graphics processing unit (GPU) startups and players in the ecosystem to know about mega-trends in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, robotics and allied areas.

The event hosted by NVIDIA is being held in Mumbai on December 5.


At the summit, 20 Indian GPU-based startups will showcase their innovations and their growth. Rajan Anandan, noted investor and Google’s Vice President for South East Asia and India, will deliver the keynote address. The event will see some of the brightest minds in the country and leading investors in attendance.

Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director of South Asia at NVIDIA, said, “India is at an exciting point where the opportunity to drive positive impact, the presence of the brightest committed minds in technology, and the technology platform to convert ideas into reality are all coming together. Young India’s aspirations to achieve real breakthroughs require support, access to resources and enablement in order to be realised. ECS is NVIDIA’s commitment to nurture ground-breaking ideas and create an ecosystem to ensure the success of the best startups in India.”

The summit is a feature event of GTCx India, a regional extension of NVIDIA’s global GPU Technology Conference series. ECS is the world’s only event series promoting startups that are leveraging the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU).

If you are an Indian startup doing pioneering work using GPUs or building a business powered by GPU-based platforms, you should participate at ECS. It’s a great opportunity to interact with NVIDIA experts and explore how partnering with them will help you take a leap into the Deep Learning, Virtual Reality, Automotive, Robotics, IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing space.

Register today for the Emerging Companies Summit.

Here are four reasons why Indian startups should definitely be there at ECS Mumbai

1: A chance to network with prominent GPU based startups who are working on phenomenal innovations.

The event will be attended by startups like

Dr Assist - Dr Assist is on a humanistic mission to make cancer history. The world’s only cancer care intelligence platform, the cloud-based solution automates cancer diagnosis and treatment decisions with great affordability, accessibility and quality.

Huew - Huew is building an intelligent search engine by indexing every inspiring fashion photo on the web and social media and every fashion product with high veracity metadata. It also matches fashion products with inspiring looks, intent based occasions, and comparative prices of similar items across different online stores. Huew is also simplifying fashion searches with visual interactions that help shoppers navigate large catalogues with ease.

EdgeNetworks – The startup offers an end-to-end AI driven solution which helps organisations hire human capital in a smarter, faster and more accurate way. The solution tackles tough talent acquisition and workforce optimisation challenges. Their automated search and download, and scored and stack ranked resumes feature have won the startup industry appreciation.

AgrimaThe startup has developed a deep learning computer vision technology which could be used for advanced image recognition. They have used this technology in one of their apps, Recipe Book, a popular intelligent cooking app on Google Play Store. Agrima uses AI to solve recipe discovery problems.

Maxerience - Maxerience designs, builds and sells AI & machine learning-based, integrated visual intelligence systems for real time product recognition and anomaly detection. Its flagship product is a scalable real-time visual Intelligence platform for confined space applications in retail segments for objection recognition and tracking. The solution helps retailers perform real time analytics at the "edge”, solve out-of-stock and shelf purity issues, improve distribution channel efficiency and also understand their customers’ buying patterns, in real time.

2: Product Showcase: Get identified by global technology leaders

The Product Showcase will allow participating startups to demonstrate their solutions and products to a focussed and influential business audience of over 1,000 professionals, including sector and technology leaders looking for great ideas powered by GPU computing. Every startup will present their ideas at a dedicated demo pod, enabling them to showcase their technology in an effective manner.

3: The on-stage challenge: Become the next Oculus Rift

The Top 10 Indian startups in the GPU space will get a chance to present on stage and showcase their innovations to the ECS attendees, including a distinguished panel of investors, analysts, technology leaders, partners and customers. The startups will also be eligible to compete for the ECS awards. The top two teams will be awarded prizes worth $200,000.

Alumni of previous global ECS events include startups which are now globally renowned, such as Oculus Rift (acquired by Facebook for $2 billion), Gaikai (acquired by Sony for $380 million), Natural Motion (acquired by Zynga for $527 million) and Magic-Pony (acquired by Twitter for $150 million).

4: GTCx India conference: Learn how GPU computing is changing the world / World’s most important event for GPU developers comes to India

Participants will get a complimentary pass to the GTCx India conference being held on December 6, 2016 in Mumbai. Presented by NVIDIA, this is the single biggest event in India for GPU computing. At the conference, startups will be able to meet experts at the NVIDIA Hangouts, take a free hands-on GPU Tutorial, acquire training from the Deep Learning Institute, attend interesting sessions, and see how GPU computing is powering emerging technologies such as deep learning, big data and IoT. GTCx India is designed to connect professionals across many industries, from automotive to big data analytics and manufacturing to energy.

The GPU Technology Conference is one of the world's most important events for GPU developers, and is being hosted for the first time in India, after being held earlier in Beijing, Taipei, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Tokyo, Seoul and Washington DC.

Attend the Emerging Companies Summit on December 5th to see how startups are innovating to disrupt using NVIDIA GPUs. Register today.