The pros and cons of working before college

The pros and cons of working before college

Tuesday December 20, 2016,

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As soon as high-school ends, students start hunting for various courses that can take them closer to their dreams. Some take courses that interest them while others opt for those which give them a chance to stay with their friends. It's only at the end of their chosen course that they realise whether it paid off!

Working before college is another useful option that gives one a chance to find their calling. While it is a popular choice, with more than a fair chair of advantages, it is not without its cons. We’ll discuss these below.


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It gives you financial independence: Who doesn't want to have financial freedom? After all, that's one of the main reasons students attend colleges. When you work before joining college, you get paid a salary at the end of every month. Making this amount of money is tough when you're in college for practically the entire day.

It offers practical knowledge: If you always wanted to do something creative, then you can get a job which allows you to do this. There are many internships available for freshers in the fields of graphic designing, creative writing, filmmaking, video editing, photography, etc. This is the best chance to gain practical knowledge about the field you want to make a career in.

It gives you a chance to re-invent yourself: There is no guarantee that what you think is the right course for you will actually make you happy in the long run. One’s teenage years are filled with wonderful fantasies minus practical knowledge. Working before college gives you the opportunity to experiment with jobs and figure out what excites you the most. Your experiences will help you decide which course will benefit you in the long run and which won’t.


Your friends get ahead of you: It may be tough for you to see your friends getting ahead in their education life while you're still figuring out which job to take up. It's one of the side-effects of working before joining college and can fill your mind with negativity if you're not clear about what you want from life.

Getting detached from studies: Working before college can come with unexpected perks and benefits. This can detach you from studies and prompt you to concentrate on work. While there are many drop-out billionaires who made it large, it helps to play safe and obtain a college degree as a backup in case your current job (or business idea) doesn't work out.

In the end, there's nobody other than you who can decide what's better for you – working before joining a college or securing a college degree and then starting a career. In any case, don't jump ship without giving serious thought to your decision. After all, decisions shape your destiny.

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