Looking beyond profits to create positive change

Looking beyond profits to create positive change

Monday February 27, 2017,

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It’s obvious that the world today needs more compassionate and caring people than just the successful ones. Today’s businesses need to have a defined social angle to solve a problem plaguing our times. With money playing the catalyst, businesses need to allocate money to go into social causes. Or, they could build ideas that would create positive social change. Here are five ways businesses can go beyond profits to being truly purposeful.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock


Sponsor a child. It could be a family member of your office boy, or the cleaning lady. Adopt the street where your office is and sponsor its maintenance. Adopt the local school and provide for its needs. There are plenty of causes and people out there that need your attention. Take up a responsibility and sustain it. Start small to create a big change.

Share knowledge

There is a future generation that is waiting to step into your shoes. Prepare them in time for the takeover. Put together a training module and impart knowledge to those deserving. This would also help in creating a talent pool that would come in handy in the future.

Care for the environment

From encouraging your staff to car pool, to building an office terrace garden (if you have the space), you could do things that would engage your team in positive ways to pay back to the environment.

Identify a cause and support it

Be it lending support to women’s rights or to the LGBT community, or creating awareness on the ills of female infanticide. Whatever you feel passionate about, use your resources, time, and money to support a cause.

Pay attention to your employees’ personal growth

Take interest in your employees’ personal growth. Organise special interest workshops, not just parties and picnics. Give your employees to experience overall growth. Their growth will reflect in your business growth.

Make your business go beyond its defined purpose. Give your business a larger responsibility. Make it truly purposeful to make our world a better place.