5 effective ways of dealing with a workplace burnout (without taking a break)


Stress brings about a state of emotional and physical exhaustion which is commonly referred to as burnout. So, if you have been feeling detached, unfulfilled at work, lazy, or simply unfocused, you might be a victim of workplace burnout. Regardless of the profession, a great number of people are victims of this common problem.

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But in order to tackle it, one must understand the causes. However, there is no one single culprit that leads to being overwhelmed and feeling underappreciated. It can be anything from a work overload to the fear of not getting the much awaited promotion or even tension and/or the feeling of being in a constant rat race with your colleagues – the reasons are endless! Studies have shown that the numero uno solution to burnouts are taking lots of break, but realistically, not many have the time to actually implement such changes.

Here are five tips to help you deal with a workplace burnout without having to take a break:

Learn to say NO

A pertinent cause of workplace burnout is stress, which is a direct result of work overload. Many professionals say yes to anything and everything when requested, mostly because of the fear of how it might reflect upon them. Spreading yourself too thin will only result in increased sense. A good manager will always understand your limits, and saying “no” once in a while will not cause any unwanted troubles. Remember, your health is the most important factor.

Learn to let go

It’s okay if you fail to be perpetually perfect. If you find yourself going above and beyond to fulfil any office task, it’s time that you start letting some things slide. If you are holding a position where you can delegate, it’s a good idea to start availing the resources at hand and get some things off of your back.

Search for the cause of unhappiness

A lot of times, we tend to react to things that are the most apparent or visible without knowing the actual cause of discontent. As mentioned earlier, a trick to solve the burnout is to find its source, and what better way to do it that to categorically tick off those factors that you think might contribute to your unhappiness? This method will help you to control the burnout easily, without taking off extra time.

Find what motivates you

Every person has at least one thing that motivates them no matter what the case may be. For some, it’s a positive comment, for others, it might be healthy competition. If your superior at your workplace is trying to motivate you in a counterproductive matter, it’s very important to let them know about what gets you going. An environment that compliments your mood can help a lot when it comes to tackling workplace burnout. After all, who does not like a compliment?

Invest in personal relationships

A social contact is nature’s own concoction to deal with stress. Try to put aside what’s burning you out and indulge in some personal downtime with your loved ones. Opening up to them about the kind of emotions that are troubling you can ease your pain a little. Try spending more time with colleagues to figure out if they are going through similar things or not.

A burnout is more psychological and emotional than physical. While some people might be tempted to put their emotions aside and keep their boats sailing, they should not risk doing it. Even if you do not have time to take a full-fledged break, that by no way means that you should stop yourself from taking any measures to tackle it effectively.