3 storytelling tips for entrepreneur brand building

3 storytelling tips for entrepreneur brand building

Wednesday October 04, 2017,

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Look at the successful business platforms around you. What makes them different? Upon close scrutiny you will realise that simply stating that a company is unique does not matter; rather it is how you put forward your ideas. The core values of any successful brand transcend its campaigns and advertisements. Success is about how one can relate facts about the story of the brand to people effectively. When the founder can explain that the brand stands for something related to the condition of human existence, people get attracted to it naturally. Remember, it matters how one pitches any idea to a potential investor or business partner.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Powerful and emotional pitches must be delivered in different social events and during formal meetings as well. A budding entrepreneur must never forget that the touch of something personal in your professional life can take you a long way. For instance, look at the success stories of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. They are ideals everyone holds in high esteem. Each wanted to do things differently, and each believed in perseverance. Here are a few tips on how to portray an effective story as a budding entrepreneur:

  • Why did you start your enterprise? This “why” is very strategic. You need to be able to explain why you decided to take the leap of faith and start your own company. Your platform needs to give out the message that your start-up or company is in alignment with whatever you believe in. This must be the main crux or backdrop of your story to success.
  • It is easier to build your customer base than a powerful brand. The creation of a powerful brand needs the help of a powerful story. Think of ways to captivate the audience. A personal touch to the story goes a long way. Portray your story in the right manner. Appeal to the emotions of people while speaking. Connect the motto and logo of your company to the essence of life. You need to show why your products and services are boons to the human existence. If you can justify that properly, your story will definitely touch many hearts.
  • Do not appear to be a freak of perfection when it comes to sharing your story and the story of your company. You may want to perfect every word and every line before presenting it to the audience, but refrain from doing this. This removes the personal touch. A raw and honest story has the power to touch hearts. You may have faced a number of challenges and roadblocks in your entrepreneurship journey. Do not try to trim those instances. Give your listeners an authentic account of all the hardships you faced. It will help people connect with your platform.

These storytelling sessions and occasional story-infused speeches are vital to the success of any company. When you appeal to people through the means of influential sensory features, it makes your business platform relatable to their way of life. It makes them think that entrepreneurs are attached to their very sustenance, and hence, customers increase in number. Do not stop engaging with people via personal stories once your company takes off. This will make customers and clients feel connected always.

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