20 marketing tools every marketer is looking for

20 marketing tools every marketer is looking for

Tuesday October 24, 2017,

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Marketing tools are essential for every marketer to identify and analyse the performance of their content. If you are a newbie marketer, here are tools that will help you. 

Marketing tools

Tools for community tracking


This will send in a notification whenever a tweet happens about you. Let’s you view an archive of tweets.

Social Mention

Instant social media trend recogniser. It relates your keywords with top performing social media content and pulls it into your bin.

Ice Rocket

This keeps track of all content you publish. From website, blogs, to social media copy writings. Reports get generated on a single easy to read page.

Google Alerts

Receive an alert every time you appear in the relevant Google results through keyword search.

Tools For Ad Tracking

PPC Web Spy

This tool will reveal all the Google AdWords keywords your competitors are using and bidding on/investing in.

CPC ROI Calculator

Calculates the overall Cost Per Click and identifies the return on investment out of every CPC investment you make. Helps you play it profitably the next time you go bidding online.

Google Ad Display Network

A stack of reporting tools that lets you know how well your ads are performing online and which of them are generating more revenue. In fact, it shows you the ad that is attracting more clicks and is converting more of the visitors.

Spring Metrics

Branch of two tools- one is linked to the e-commerce conversions (i.e. to the website) and the other one to the social media campaigns/profiles/pages.

Tools For SEO and Keyword Optimisation

WordStream Keyword Tools

A range of analysing tool to identify the niche. Analyses and lists down both negative and high-performing keywords based on your query.

On-Page Optimisation Tool

A tool that in a blow plots out the most an essential SEO content and your metadata just like Google site/page crawler.

Anchor Text Over Optimisation Report

Identify the overly used anchor texts in your SEO rich content and sort it out on the go. Highlights the absurdly optimised places in a content.

YouTube Keyword Tool

A dedicated tool for video campaigns. Helps identify relevant keywords to enhance the performance of video campaigns.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Gives you an exact idea of how your website will look in the Google search appearances. To preview your site’s Google snippet.

Image SEO tool

Precisely know how constructive and ready-to-go your website/content images are. 

Tools For Email Campaigns


Email editor for multimedia marketing campaigns. Just works by drag and drop.

Benchmark Email

Collection of more than 400+ incredible email templates. Can be modified/optimised to any screen size. Comes with the benefit of A/B testing suite.

Constant Contact

Constantly stay in touch with your email responses like email open rate and donation activities. Get access to connecting to your customers too.


Help you understand how every email campaigns your competitor’s launch becomes a hit. A sneak peak into your competitor’s campaign performances.


Modify HTML into easy-to-read inline CSS HTML.

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