This Class VII boy came to the rescue of a puppy by breaking his piggy bank

This Class VII boy came to the rescue of a puppy by breaking his piggy bank

Wednesday January 10, 2018,

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At times, humanity is not measured by the number of good deeds done but by the impact they have created. In that context, every life saved and rehabilitated counts, even if it is that of an animal. Here, it is the story of Moana - a dog who was saved with the help of Facebook, by three animal lovers, including a Class VII kid.

Ankur Bhatnagar, a 3D animator from Bengaluru is a huge lover of dogs. So, when he saw a one-month-old dog with broken legs struggling to move, he immediately came to her rescue. In all likelihood, if not for his timely rescue, the dog would have died in the streets of Whitefield one year back.

Image: Livemint

Ankur took the dog to a veterinary doctor for treatment immediately, where he was told that the dog will not be able to walk again. He named her Moana after the Disney movie that was released at that time, but it was not possible for him to take care of her on his own. Talking about the difficulties involved to Bangalore Mirror, he said,

"The doctor told me that she was probably hit by a rod as they were no other injuries. Since I stay alone and Moana needed attention throughout the day, I shared a post on my Facebook wall, asking if anyone was willing to foster her. Someone tagged Rekha and she came forward to adopt her."
Image credit: Bangalore Mirror; (L) - Moana with Rekha (R) Abhinav Rao with Mahesh Nayak

Rekha Vijayakumar, another Bengalurean, decided to take care of the dog and put up a Facebook post about Moana's requirements. That is when Abhinav Rao, a Class VII student from Lourdes Central School in Mangaluru came into the picture.

Abhinav had been saving money with the help of Rekha’s brother Mahesh Nayak for a few years in a piggy bank. After hearing about Moana's need for a cart, Abhinav came forward, willing to break his piggy bank. It had roughly about Rs 4,000 and, with little help from others, he was able to buy a secondhand cart for Moana. Talking about his love for dogs, he said,

"I love dogs but I can't keep one in my house because I live in a flat. Mahesh uncle knew about Moana and I saw her pictures. She looked helpless. My parents buy me everything that I want and hence I decided to help her. I am helping a dog for the first time."

For Ankur, the satisfaction and happiness of rescuing a dog is unparalleled. He spends most of his days helping them out in one way or another according to Livemint. In his words,

“It’s like an addiction. You help one. You see them blossoming. You receive so much love from them. That satisfaction, the feeling of making a difference is what keeps you going.”

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