Meet the 20 startups at Axilor's sixth accelerator cohort

Meet the 20 startups at Axilor's sixth accelerator cohort

Friday January 12, 2018,

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The startups are from across sectors like enterprise, artificial intelligence, consumer internet, healthcare, and fintech.

Axilor Ventures, an early stage venture investor, announced a list of 20 startups that made it to its Winter 2017 accelerator batch.

Talking about the new accelerator cohort, Ganapathy Venugopal, Co-founder and CEO of Axilor said, “I am amazed by the ambition of the 20 startups that have joined our sixth accelerator cohort. Ambitious founders are increasingly looking at Axilor's Accelerator Program as a smarter way to accelerate their progress. Building on the success of the last batch, this cohort is another big step by Axilor in creating a strong early stage pipeline.”

The startups are from across sectors like enterprise, artificial intelligence, consumer internet, healthcare, and fintech.

Asutosh Upadhyay, Head of Programmes at Axilor, said, “Increasingly, founders are clear about Axilor's programme value-add, and how it can help them. Majority of the startups in the Winter '17 cohort are post launch, and half of them post revenues. They are looking at the programme to accelerate growth, validate new business models and get funded.”

Below is a list of the startups:

Enterprise - SaaS

1. Maximl Labs - Founded by Pankaj Pawan, Manish Arora, Samir Otiv and Tarun Mishra in 2017, Maximl enables heavy industries gain intelligent control over complex processes through machine learning.

Its flagship product, SyncOps is a solution to maximise the efficiency of industrial projects and help industries solve the longstanding problem of knowledge management. It has successfully conducted pilots with some industry leaders in the oil, gas and steel sectors.

2. Unomer - Founded by Vinay Bapna and Mayank Sharma in 2015, Unomer is a mobile in-app consumer insights and market research platform. It enables brands to gather deep insights from targeted consumers through the mobile app networks. it currently serves over 20 large consumer brands in India.

3. CustomerSuccessBox - Founded by Puneet Kataria and Amritpal Singh in 2017, CustomerSuccessBox is an actionable customer success platform for B2B SaaS businesses. It uses patent-pending technology to monitor “Account Health” by tracking product adoption that allows businesses to take “Proactive Actions” to retain customers and grow their recurring revenue. It currently has over 20 global customers.

4. GoFlamingo - Founded in 2016 by Sarvesh SG, Sandeep Hiremath, Ravichandra Patil and Govindarao Annigeri, Goflamingo offers an integrated solution for large institutional buyers’ procurement and logistics problems. With its product, large institutional buyers can solve for procurement problems by connecting with producers to ensure fulfilment through their aggregated logistics model. It currently serves over five large institutional buyers, and is scaling revenues. 

5. Journee - Founded by Sankaran Kaliappan and Vandhana Valaguru in 2016, Journee helps public transport authorities maximise revenue and optimise operations by harnessing real-time data around public transport usage. With their integrated ticketing and analytics solution leveraging India Stack, Journee powers the move to smart urban transportation infrastructure.


6. Alice AI - Founded by Saurav Gupta and Arun Singh in 2017, Alice is an AI-powered video surveillance platform. Its algorithms are trained to convert unstructured surveillance video data into vertical-specific structured information to allow automated real time alerting and efficient post-facto analysis. It is currently running pilots with large customers in oil and gas, education and real estate.

7.Scribie - Founded by Rajiv Poddar, brings AI to one of the most manual processes - audio/video transcription. Scribie’s AI-powered editor reduces manual effort by 80 percent. With over 5,000 customers across several large verticals for its services, it is currently building automation capability.

8. Marax - Founded by Raman Shrivastava, Prateek Gupta and Sumant US in 2016, Marax helps consumer businesses manage churn using AI and deep learning. With the ability to predict potential churn and initiate contextual actions, the solution enables businesses to solve the leaky bucket problem. The solution is currently in use by some large consumer businesses in India and Hong Kong.

9. Pensieve - Founded by Gaurav Shrivastava and Prahlad K Routh in 2016, Pensieve was built with a vision to use ML, NLP, and AI Technology to provide data driven intelligence. Mitra, the product, is an AI-driven legal research platform and helps legal professionals research, and draft case notes faster. Currently used by over 1,000 lawyers.

10. Predictably - Founded in 2015 by Ram TR, Predictably’s flagship product is an AI-driven platform to make websites more discoverable and engaging for visitors. Luminate is simple to implement and manage, and there is no coding required. The product can improve website traffic and increase revenues of bloggers and content aggregators. It is currently in the beta stage, and has over 20 signups.

The winter'17 batch

Consumer Internet

11. Clorik - Founded by Shivani Maheshwari and Sunil Kumar in 2016, Clorik simplifies vernacular content, and video discovery, by categorising content based on interest and language. Users choose their preferences to get content ranked based on relevance. It is currently expanding its organic base of over 60,000 users and a 10 percent week-on-week user growth.

12. Khidki - Founded by Kumar Saurabh and Kapil Agrawal in 2017, Khidki is a vernacular location-based social platform for Indian language users. It uses AI to render personalised feed, and makes generating Indian language content easy. It is currently expanding, and has an organic user base of over 20,000.

13. Playtoome - Founded by S Keerthivasan in 2016, Playtoome allows fans to experience live performances, and interact with artists at a small fraction of the cost of a live show. It helps artists build a fanbase, and earn, while performing anytime, anywhere. Currently trending a live concert a day, the company has already onboarded over 100 artists, and has a base of more than 10,000.

14. MeTripping - MeTripping is an applied AI-based travel search platform that replicates how people think about travel. A product-focused startup, MeTripping was founded in 2016 by Varun Gupta, and Gaurav Bahrani provides technology leadership. MeTripping employs machine and deep learning to make travel search contextual, and simplify decision-making for thousands of users.

15. Rehash - Founded in 2015 by Sathya Narayana and Shruti Sinha, Rehash is a unified post-sale technology platform to enrich consumer experience. It offers a single app for consumers to manage their post-sales engagement needs for consumer durables like repair, renewal of AMCs, resell and recycle. It is currently working with six large category-leading consumer brands.


16. Better wealth - Founded by Anurag and Ankit in 2016, is a single window wealth management platform for enterprises, getting them a six to eight percent return on their liquidity. It is currently serving SMBs.

17. Vyapar - Founded in 2016 by Sumit Agarwal, Ruqiya Irum and Shubham Agrawal, Vyapar is a GST-compatible business accounting solution aimed at simplifying business management and tax filing needs of small business owners in the simplest way possible. It is already in use by more than 7000 paid users.

18. Qbrics - Founded in 2016 by Rakesh Ramachandran, Rajiv Chandran, Jim Safran and Brennan Bennett, Qbrics is an enterprise Blockchain platform for Bockchain interoperability, quantum secure data governance, and custom access control. It is currently in the beta stage.


19. 5C Network - Founded by Kalyan Siva, Venkat Mani and Syed Ahmed in 2015, 5C allows hospitals and diagnostic centres to receive radiology reports. The company solves the problem of lack of availability of radiologists on demand for healthcare centres. Through its lean SaaS model, the company eliminates diagnostic delays, increases radiologist throughput, accuracy and reduces fixed expenses for hospitals.

20. Zoe - Founded in 2016 by Taniya and Karan, Zoe helps users with busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules to achieve their health goals with detox products. So far, it has served over 10,000 customers.