This ambulance driver covered 425km in 5 hours to save a man's life


An ambulance driver who can efficiently navigate heavy traffic to take the patient right in time to the hospital is sometimes all that it takes to save a life.

Recently, Kerala’s Muhammad Illam saved a patient by successfully taking him to the hospital, covering 425 kilometres in five hour and 25 minutes.

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Kasaragod native Muhammad ensured Kanhangad resident Gangadharan reaches Mangaluru from Kochi for medical treatment. Now, Gangadharan is in a better condition, and is being treated in the ICU at a Mangaluru hospital.

Gangadhar, who has been working in Bahrain for the past 25 years, suffered a stroke a few days back, and was admitted in the hospital. The medical expenses were high as he was admitted in a hospital in Bahrain. Since the bills kept increasing with time, he decided to return to India.

After a discussion with his relatives and close friends, Gangadharan decided to go to a private hospital in Mangaluru. However, he faced a problem when he reached the Kochi airport. There was no air ambulance to take him to Mangaluru or Kozhikode.

With the help of a few social organisations in Bahrain, Gangadharan arranged an ambulance service in Kochi. He was fortunately able to connect with the ambulance driver, Muhammad, who did not worry about money. Looking at his critical condition, he immediately agreed to take Gangadharan to Mangaluru.

Muhammad left with Gangadharan for Mangaluru at 5:30 in the morning. The social organisations reached out to people on Facebook, and ensured that the road from Kochi to Mangaluru is fairly empty. Due to the immense support, Muhammad was able to cross Kozhikode in two hours and 15 minutes.

Muhammad said that they received complete support from the vehicles on road, and the police to ensure that the journey continues without any break. Even the Indian Embassy, and All Kerala Drivers’ Association were a part of the mission, and ensured it goes smoothly.

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