Announcing the YourStory-Progate Developer Meetup on 'Building Scalable Technologies'

Announcing the YourStory-Progate Developer Meetup on 'Building Scalable Technologies'

Thursday February 08, 2018,

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YourStory and Progate are hosting a developer meetup on 'Building Scalable Technologies', on Saturday, February 24 in Bengaluru.

Did you know that Indonesian unicorn GO-JEK processes more than 200 million internal API calls per second? Going with the microservices architecture helped the company achieve this scale and go beyond.

  • But what went on behind the scenes, how risky was the decision initially and, as a techie what did it take to execute it?
  • How does one go about building systems like Ola WiFi and Ola Play?
  • What should you know about Graph Database and how can you unleash its true potential?
  • How can you add voice to GUI to reach out to millions of users?

If you’ve always wondered about some or all of the above questions, then you need to head to the YourStory-Progate developers meetup in Bengaluru on February 24 to get all these answers and more.



The event, organised by YourStory in association with online coding learning platform Progate, will focus on new technologies, innovations and sessions on how to build to scale by leading techies who’ve created global companies.

So whether you’re building something interesting, looking to learn about new technologies or want to hear from those who’ve been there and done that, register now for the meetup.

When – February 24, 2018 | Saturday | 2-6 PM

Where - Cowrks, New Indiranagar (Old Madras Road), Bengaluru

The agenda for the meetup is:

1:30 – 2:00PMRegistration
2:00 - 2:15PMIntroduction and welcome noteTakuno Nishimura, Global Manager of Progate
2:15 - 2:45PMManagement for hackersSidu Ponappa (Head of Data Engineering) and Niranjan Paranjape (CTO), GO-JEK
2:45 - 3:30PMHow to think about scale when it comes to your businessAman Alam, Developer Evangelist, Akamai
3:30 - 4:15PMManaging Dependency Hell in Microservice ArchitecturesAnkit Sobti, Co-founder and CTO, Postman
4:15 - 5:00PMExploring Graph DatabasesMahadevan Kalyanaraman (Founder of stealth mode startup)
5:00 - 5:45PMAdding voice to the Graphical User Interface to make the internet more accessibleKumar Rangarajan, Co-founder, Slang Labs
5:45 – 6:30PMNetworking over snacks


About the sessions

  1. How to think about scale when it comes to your business (specifically mobile business) – What tools are available, and what could be a path to gradually scale from 10 users to 1 lakh users and then from there to a million.
  • Management for hackers - The first step to scaling technology is scaling how people create technology. If management and organisation is broken, tech does not scale. Sidu and Niranjan are going to share what they learnt the hard way:How management and programming are the same thing.
  • How organizations are distributed computing problems.
  • How good programmers can eliminate vast numbers of managers.
  • Why a disproportionate number of successful founders in the Valley are all programmers.
  1. Exploring graph databases - Why and how should you use graph databasesto leverage data relationships for real-time, enterprise-level insights.
  2. Adding voice to the Graphical User Interface to make the internet more accessible - Helping app developers add a natural voice interface to control their apps
  3. Managing Dependency Hell in Microservice Architectures - Dependencies are *hard*, more so in a distributed architectures. This talk will cover the lessons we learnt, taming the dependency monster, while building an expansive microservices architecture within Postman.

About the speakers

We’ve got leading experts from the technology world to come and speak at the meetup. These include:

  1. Aman Alam - Aman is currently a Developer Evangelist at Akamai and an all around developer. Aman has played with many web and mobile technologies, and finally settled with native Android Development. Aman has mentored many young engineers, students and young startups with their mobile strategies.
  2. Ankit Sobti - Ankit Sobti is the CTO and co-founder of Postman - a side project that grew to a platform used by over 5 Million developers and 100,000 companies around the world. With a background in product, business, and development, he now leads the core technology and data groups at Postman. Ankit is a big Neutral Milk Hotel fan and Chelsea FC supporter. He loves his piano, books, beers, and bacon.
  3. Kumar Rangarajan - Kumar is the co-founder of Little Eye Labs, the performance monitoring and analysis tool for Android developers which was acquired by Facebook in 2014. He's currently building Slang Labs, a Voice-to-Action SDK, that enables apps to understand and react to their users' voice - with a focus on Indian languages. With over two decades of experience of building technologies, Kumar has been an architect and Director of Engineering in the past.
  4. Mahadevan Kalyanaraman - Mahadevan is a seasoned product builder with over 16 years of experience coding and leading teams. He led the software R&D for the Little Krishna series at Reliance Big Animation, and then kickstarted his startup journey with Radio Flote, a platform for independent musicians. He has acted as a consultant for multiple startups, including 99tests, where he architected a browser and mobile test cloud which spanned multiple languages and platforms. He's currently passionate about blockchain and AI.
  5. Niranjan Paranjape - Niranjan is the Chief Technology Officer and Director at GO-JEK. With 11 years of experience as a programmer, consultant and entrepreneur, he started his career at Infosys, before moving to ThoughtWorks where he consulted for Fortune 500 clients. He then went on to co-found C42 Engineering, a boutique software engineering consulting firm. As CTO of C42 Engineering, Niranjan was responsible for building a high performance engineering culture focused on passion for new technologies, code quality and daily customer engagement. Niranjan has worked with a wide range of clients architecting and coding solutions across the entire stack from front end to infrastructure.
  6. Sidu Ponappa - Sidu serves as a Director at GO-JEK and is the Head of Data Engineering and Global Talent Acquisition. Sidu has founded three startups, the last being acquired by GO-JEK in 2015. At GO-JEK, he first served as the Managing Director of India, establishing and scaling the India organisation before moving to head up Data Engineering. He also serves as a Director on the Board of GO-JEK. A hardcore techie at heart, Sidu started coding when he was six and has since gone on to co-found three companies launching four products. He has worked as an engineer, product manager, salesperson, recruiter, marketer, CTO and CEO. He has failed more times than he can count. He is an avid motorcycle lover.


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