Sanitary napkin vending machines to be installed in all airports across India


Sanitary napkin vending machines are set to be installed by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) at all airports across the country. Indore Airport was the first one to install the machine last year in October, and several other airports have set up machines since then.

Image Source: The Times Of India

The cities to have installed the sanitary napkin vending machines are Jaipur, Port Blair, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Guwahati, among a few others. These vending machines have been set up in 19 airports till now, including three in the northeastern part of the country.

According to Times Of India, AAI chief Guruprasad Mohapatra said,

Installation of sanitary napkin vending machines is a small step towards ensuring comfort for female air travellers. It is our responsibility to address basic hygiene-related needs.

The officials at the AAI recently announced that they are planning to install these vending machines in all 125 airports across the country. A few of these airports will be providing sanitary napkins free of cost in collaboration with NGOs. There will be a woman attendant positioned near the vending machine who can provide guidelines to passengers in both Hindi and English.

According to the Telegraph, a statement released by AAI stated,

These machines are easy to operate and the initiative has been widely appreciated by the women passengers travelling through various airports. Soon passengers travelling through other AAI airports will also get this facility.

Within the premises of airport terminals, women will be able to buy sanitary napkins from the vending machines by inserting coins of Re 1, Rs 5 or Rs 10. All vending machines will be stocked with 25 pads, and the money obtained from the machine will be used to replenish the stock.

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