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RightMesh is starting a Revolution with Blockchain and Mesh Networks

RightMesh is starting a Revolution with Blockchain and Mesh Networks

Tuesday March 06, 2018 , 4 min Read

Decentralized, secure communications. Unlimited connectivity, free of charge. Interactivity without intercession or interruption. Empowering, enriching, and integrating communities. Bridging the Digital Divide. Blockchain for social good. Sounds like the dream of a revolutionary. Well, it is. It is the dream of RightMesh Co-founder and CEO, John Lyotier.

And the most amazing thing is…it’s real.

There are seven billion people on the planet. Of these, 3.9 billion are either offline, or online only in ways individuals and companies in the west usually don’t recognize (it’s life, Jim, but not as we know it). RightMesh has an innovative plan to bring connectivity to all these people and, at the same time, bring them new opportunities for prosperity. It’s a radical new business model destined for success in the unique cultural climate of India. RightMesh’s specific market is the conservatively-estimated 2 billion people, many of them in India, who either do not use banks, or who are underserved by the banks they do deal with, and who are aware of the internet, but not necessarily able to access it in useful ways.

Empowering these people while enriching them, at the same time as building a unique new business model based on the blockchain, is a truly revolutionary idea, and one that is truly possible now. The Digital Divide can be bridged, and the bridge we will build is made of mesh.

Source: The Brooklyn Bridge by Keith Michael on Flickr, CC Licensed

Redundancy is a source of strength for a mesh network. The more nodes in an area, the better the coverage and the more people the network can serve, so a densely-populated country like India is the perfect environment for a mesh network, both in terms of the number of people who would be interested in joining and in terms of the potential density of the network.

Participation in RightMesh’s network costs the user nothing, and provides not only data and connectivity, but also payment, in the form of cryptocurrency. Participants are both customers and providers, and they even bring their own readily available hardware in the form of smartphones. That’s right, RightMesh runs off conventional smartphones, without interfering with the owner’s digital privacy or bandwidth.

To participants, it’s embedded into an app. it’s a godsend.

Every one of the RightMesh node providers automatically gains an Ethereum wallet the minute they activate a RightMesh enabled app. Payment in the form of cryptocurrency (RMESH Tokens) is automatic and decentralized: RightMesh itself does not deposit RMESH into the wallets; instead, the tokens are earned automatically. Essentially, providing mesh connectivity earns currency for the provider the same way mining rewards Bitcoin miners. The more connectivity you provide, the more you earn, and the process is decentralized and, of course, recorded in the Blockchain for verification.

What this means from a macro level is that RightMesh will create an entirely new generation of crypto-currency users as well as a community of digital entrepreneurs, without this group of users ever needing to master the learning curve usually associated with such endeavors. This is truly revolutionary.

John Lyotier, RightMesh founder, says:

“The revolution starts with a slow murmur, quietly, in the shadows and in the parts of the world that those currently enforcing that system of control are not paying close attention to. It is not going to happen in a single moment, triggered the like crack of a starter’s pistol. It is not going to happen with violence. It is just going to happen. And it is unstoppable.”

The market for RightMesh provider/users is precisely that segment of the public most marginalized by the rest of the world. They don’t have money. They don’t have power. They don’t have anything except a smartphone that could be their connection to the larger world.

This revolution is not a system being set up by a middleman, a corporate conglomerate, an imperial force, or a structured regime. This is not a system set up to control and enforce the status quo. It is a system in which anyone with connectivity (and access to a basic $30 smartphone) can participate and create value simply by being.

This is a revolution. You can join at

Rightmesh at a glance:

  • Uses participants’ existing smartphones
  • Provides internet and cellular connectivity to people in the immediate vicinity
  • RMESH tokens are “mined” automatically whenever someone uses the mesh node
  • RMESH tokens automatically deposited in unique Ethereum wallet for participant
  • Potential market in excess of 2 billion users
  • Ideal for India, as more densely-populated areas will be better served by mesh network
  • Scales effortlessly
  • Token Generating Event – an opportunity to contribute in exchange for RMESH tokens – May 30th, 2018.
John Lyotier, Co-founder and CEO, RightMesh