As temperature soars, here are 5 hydration apps to help you meet your daily water intake goal

As temperature soars, here are 5 hydration apps to help you meet your daily water intake goal

Friday June 01, 2018,

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We often hear this common advice ‘drink eight glasses of water every day’ but in our busy day-to-day life, we compromise on this must-do habit. This article lists five water drinking apps that help keep track and be on top of your daily water intake goal.

In India, summer has kicked in earlier than expected this year, where many parts of the country witnessed a rise of 2-5 degree Celsius above normal towards the end of February. With every passing year, heat waves are becoming a common norm across major regions in India. Heat waves impact our daily lives and severely affect the human body, as extreme heat can overpower the body, also leading to deaths.

Besides beating the heat and leveling the body temperature, hydrating oneself with water has several benefits for the body. Nearly 70 percent of our body is made of water and drinking water can help in balancing the body fluids, whose functioning includes digestion, circulation, absorption, transporting nutrients, and others.

Doctors and health practitioners highlight that drinking more water can also help in weight loss and can bring about clear bowel movement, boost energy, help nourish skin, and maintain healthy kidneys, among others.

Drinking water helps in weight loss, balancing body fluids, and reducing the risk of developing kidney stones.

However, though most of us know about these benefits and the advice to drink eight glasses of water seems reasonable enough, we often tend to miss out on meeting our daily water targets, blaming our busy schedules or citing the most common ‘I didn’t get time’ excuse.

With technology becoming central to our lives, apps are becoming our personal butlers to help achieve our daily targets, be it in fitness, healthy eating or water. Here is a list of five free and popular water drinking apps that will ensure you gulp down that glass of water.

Plant Nanny

Play Store rating: 4.5 stars, Apple Store rating: 4.6 stars

Plant Nanny is a cute plant that reminds you to drink water regularly. By resting in the app, Plant Nanny reminds a user to water the plant (drink water) at regular intervals to keep it alive and help in its growth. The app’s main features include various cute and lovely plants, different kinds of flowerpots, different kinds of cups for drinking, a changing scene from day to night, tracking one's drinking history, and sharing your report with friends on Facebook, among others.

Daily Water Tracker Reminder - Hydration Log

Play Store rating: 4.7 stars, Apple Store rating: 4.8 stars

The app allows users to balance and track their water intake and stay hydrated in a fun way. The app motivates users to push their water goals by cheering and awarding them every time they add a drink. Daily Water Tracker app allows you to log water with a single tap, set daily water intake goal, set reminders to stay motivated, and has a free hydration logger and free water tracker notification reminder.

My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker & Reminder

Apple Store rating: 4.5 stars

A simple interface app, My Water Balance helps you drink enough water regularly by tracking and reminding you of your daily targets. It helps users calculate their daily water intake and notifies them at certain periods. The app’s features include water requirement calculator, reminders, units (metric and fl oz), statistics in graphs, motivational awards, and useful tips about water.

The application supports Apple Watch and is integrated with Apple Health.


Play Store rating: 4.6 stars, Apple Store rating: 3.5 stars

Aqualert is a water tracker and water reminder app to create the water drink habit. It sends daily reminders and alerts to motivate you to drink water and keeps a log of your daily aqua intake. It also helps the user to have a good water balance by way of notification drink reminder and a tracker of how much they should drink. Aqualert water intake tracker functions are daily intake calculator, tracker and reminder based on your sex, weight and activity level, notification, alert and reminder to drink water, automatic bedtime mode so you don't receive a reminder in the middle of the night, Google Fit Integration, and others.


Play Store rating: 4.2 stars, Apple Store rating: 3.5 stars

The app focuses on individual parameters like height, weight, age, and way of life to help you meet your water goals and control the level of water in your body. Waterbalance includes features like detailed statistics of your water intake, useful facts about water and your health, and way to earn badges and share with friends.

The app is available in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.