These 6 tools make life easier for HR managers and recruiters

These 6 tools make life easier for HR managers and recruiters

Tuesday July 17, 2018,

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The human resource industry is being revolutionised by tech. All aspects from hiring and resource optimisation to performance management can now be automated.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a burgeoning industry. While talent and performance management have always been critical tasks for HR professionals, the increasing availability of tech-enabled HR solutions have given HRM a new dimension.

According to Grand View Research, HRM is estimated to be a $30 billion global market by 2025. It is growing at 10.4 percent annually, and “technological proliferation in the field of big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to positively impact the market”.

Organisations world over are using a variety of tools and softwares to recruit, monitor, train, analyse, and appraise talent, engage workforce more meaningfully, foster cross-team collaboration, increase transparency across departments, and offer flexibility to managers and team leaders by providing them access to real-time employee data.

Image Courtesy: BambooHR

YourStory drew up a list of six useful HR tools that perform a range of tasks.


Jobscience is a talent acquisition software (with a dedicated Jobscience Mobile Manager app) built on the Salesforce platform that was acquired by Boston-based cloud computing company Bullhorn in March 2018. Jobscience makes recruiting more efficient and cost-effective for organisations. Both staffing agencies and corporate recruiters can avail this solution to find and screen potential candidates without any additional marketing expenses. Jobscience includes tools for reference management, interview management, addition of new candidates, review of resumes, submission of social-based feedback, approvals for offer packages, and so on. 


Once talent is onboarded, monitoring them on a day-to-day basis is the next big task for HR managers. BambooHR is an end-to-end HR automation tool that “lets you focus on people, not processes”. The cloud-based solution allows tracking employee training and mentoring, manage leaves and time-offs, monitor and report performance, monitor compensation structures, reduce paperwork with e-signatures, and process requests and approvals. Most importantly, the app notifies HR managers when human intervention is required.


Yammer is an internal communication and social sharing tool — also referred to as an enterprise social network. It leads to better exchange of ideas, fluid cross-team collaborations, clear information flow, and networking with the right people in the organisation. The app, owned by Microsoft since 2012, notifies you of important developments in groups, and allows team members to snap, record, sync and share photos and videos. There is an instant messaging feature too, and Yammer offers on-the-fly translation in 25 languages. Yammer also acts as a place for secure one-on-one conversations between HR managers and employees, where sensitive information is exchanged.

Image Courtesy: Yammer


Toggl is a time management app that allows HR managers to monitor the amount of time employees spend on various tasks each day. You can start tracking by simply switching on the timer on the Toggl app or through the Chrome browser extension. Toggl draws up a timesheet of all activities and work hours, and then generates analytical reports that can be exported as a PDF to clients or top management. It helps HR managers reassess strategies and allocate time and resources accordingly. The app also has tracking reminders and idle detection.


TINYPulse is an employee engagement and sentiment analysis software that helps organisations build a desirable work culture. The tool helps HR managers assess how the workforce is feeling through short surveys and real-time feedback as opposed to waiting for a long-drawn annual review process. It ensures anonymous feedback, thus allowing employees to be more forthright in their answers. TINYPulse’s employee recognition and appreciation feature improves the overall morale of the workforce. The app is the creation of TinyHR, a Seattle-based startup backed by former Microsoft, eBay, and Starbucks executives.


SaneBox is an email management app for HR managers whose inboxes are flooded with candidate applications, recruitment and onboarding mails, employee performance reviews, and so on. The more the app is used, the better and smarter its priority filters get. They push up important mails on top, while the not-so-important ones are moved to the SaneLater folder. SaneBox also allows snoozing of emails, and sets up follow-up reminders when an email you sent did not receive a response within a certain time frame. The tool can be integrated with all major email account providers - Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, iCloud, and Outlook.

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