Beer lovers, raise a toast to these 5 startups


Come weekend and all many have on their mind is a cool place to hang out, a good meal, chilled beer, and some good music. While we cannot say much for the place, food or music, there are many options when it comes to beer. But young India is a demanding lot and now, they want their beer fresh, crafted, and unique.

We can't bring you the beer, but we can surely bring you a list of startups that are putting the fizz in your glass!


Narayan, at Geist Brewery

It took  Narayan Manepally $2 million from personal savings and a seed investment to set up his brewery and get the equipment. Most of Geist’s brewing equipment is made in India, and the company brews beer that is served at various restaurants and pubs in Bengaluru. It also has a microbrewery in Brewsky, an upmarket restaurant and pub in the garden city.

White Owl 

Javed Murad, Founder of the White Owl Brewery

During his time in the US, beer quickly became Javed Murad's consumption choice. It was easily available and inexpensive. But every time he visited Mumbai and caught up with friends over beer, he felt that there was a big hole in the Indian beer space. In 2011, he took take his love for beer as an entrepreneurial venture and moved back to Mumbai. He launched White Owl – first as a restaurant in June 2013, before officially turning it into a brewery in October 2014.


Abhay Pandey, Managing Director of ‎Sequoia Capital with Ankur Jain, Founder & CEO of B9 Beverages (centre)

In a country where alcohol cannot be advertised or openly marketed, Ankur Jain, Founder and CEO of Bira, knew that the urban millennial needed beer that was different, and those available in the market weren't enough. Bira is focused on mild beers and the company started with two types of beer – a European style pilsner, which is similar to a lager, and one that is based on Belgium beers, which has citrus and coriander notes. It now has five variants of Bira in the market.


Unlike other beer companies, Simba makes its own beer at Durg in Chhatisgarh. The beer is brewed in small batches to focus on the recipe and not compromise on the taste. The brand also uses real orange peel for its rich flavours. Simba has launched four variants so far - Simba Wit, Simba Stout, Strong and Lager.


Mumbai-based Brewbot Eatery and Pub Brewery is a micro-brewery that pries itself on innovative craft beers. Founded by Anand Morwani, Ansh Seth and Ketan Gohel, Brewbot Eatery and Pub Brewery offers premium quality beer with friends or their community. Importing ingredients from all over the world, and producing fresh brews over a short period of time, Brewbot beers says its products contain no preservatives or additives.