Announcing YourStory Campus Ambassador Program

Announcing YourStory Campus Ambassador Program

Monday August 13, 2018,

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The YourStory Campus Ambassador Program is an initiative of YourStory to encourage and promote an entrepreneurial mindset among the student community.

A college campus is the crucible of innovation. Think of any large internet company today, and chances are they were started from a college campus. From Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Reddit, to Microsoft, the founders were students when they decided to start up.

The YourStory Campus Ambassador Program is a huge opportunity for college students to dream big. It is a stepping stone to be introduced to the Indian startup community. A campus ambassador stands to gain practical knowledge by interacting with a dynamic set of founders and stakeholders in the thriving Indian startup ecosystem.

Come join YourStory to do all of the above. We’re looking for those committed to learning about startups, storytelling and being a leader. Our commitment to Campus Ambassador is that we will do our best to keep you engaged and learning. This is not grunt work, it’s deep participation that matters to the organization, and to the stories we publish.

You can be an ambassador if…

  • You are familiar with, and interested in, startups
  • You dig data research and organising meetups is your thing
  • You dream of starting your own company someday
  • You have good communication skills and like blogging
  • Social media is the place where you love to hang out and connect with people to build an online community
  • You can commit to at least 3 months of regular participation to get a hands-on experience and understanding of the startup ecosystem


  • Certificate
  • Exclusive YS Gear
  • Access to industry experts
  • Exclusive access to new and experimental YS products and features
  • Internship opportunities at YS
  • On-site time with YS: meetups & conferences
  • Work reference for career opportunity

For more details on how to apply, visit:

For any queries reach out to us at [email protected]