[Monday Wrap] From green coffee with bubbles to a software bazaar on the cloud - your startup fix to start the week

[Monday Wrap] From green coffee with bubbles to a software bazaar on the cloud - your startup fix to start the week

Monday October 01, 2018,

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Cappuccino, latte, filter or Americano? What if you could have your cuppa joe green? Mumbai-based Dr Bubbles offers unroasted, non-processed green coffee, which cuts the caffeine and ups the health quotient, and tops it with - get this - bubbles. It could be the perfect start to a sleepy morning.

Dr Bubbles' founders Nafisa and Adnan Sarkar

There's a reason that Tesseract founder Kshitij Marwah, 30, is focusing on the intersection of tech and innovation to grow his AR-VR startup. The four-year-old startup, which taps AR-VR tech for headsets, smart glasses, and cameras for enterprises, is now going after the consumer market.

Kshitij Marwah, founder, Tesseract (second from right), with his team

Did you know 205 million Indians will connect to the internet for the first time between now and 2020? And that nine of the 10 new internet users being added will consume online content in regional languages. Connecting these dots, DailyHunt has 100 million Indians hooked each month and 21 million hooked each day. Here’s how.

DailyHunt's Umang Bedi and Virendra Gupta

While setting up their cloud business, Siddharth Jain and Vijaya Kamath had several software requirements but did not know where to source them from. That thought led to My Cloud Bazaar, a bazaar on the cloud that connects software vendors and small business buyers.

The My Cloud Bazaar team

If you are looking for treatment abroad, this healthtech startup may be just what the doctor ordered. Conceptualised by Amit Bansal, Delhi-based MediGence is a patient-focused platform that has partnered with travel agencies, budget hotel chains, cab aggregators, insurance companies, and others.

Amit Bansal, founder of MediGence

Looking for something and don't know where to look? Enter IamHere, a hyperlocal discovery platform for business, interests, and hobbies that brings people together. Founded by three former BITs alumni who worked in the corporate world for 15 years, IamHere unifies different hyperlocal discovery needs on to a single platform.

The IamHere team aims to make the search for like-minded people easier.

The world may have gone digital when it comes to news, but the newspaper continues to find favour in India. Founded by Ritesh Raghuvanshi, Neeraj Tiwari, and Dev Pandey, PaperKing bears good tidings for newspaper vendors. The app helps vendors manage their customers’ records, generate thousands of bills in seconds, and collect payments online.

Ritesh Raghuvanshi, Neeraj Tiwari, and Dev Pandey, co-founders of PaperKing

Less is more for logistics startup Gxpress, which is helping small Indian sellers go global. Founded by Praveen Vashistha and Kuldeep Singh, Jaipur-based Gxpress focuses on those keen on selling their goods to the overseas market through various online platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Praveen Vashistha, co-founder of Gxpress

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