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Conversations with Mihir Desai of The Bar Stock Exchange and Third Roast Coffee's Poornima Katyal - your weekend fix

Conversations with Mihir Desai of The Bar Stock Exchange and Third Roast Coffee's Poornima Katyal - your weekend fix

Sunday January 27, 2019 , 3 min Read

A pitcher of sangria or a tall glass of Long Island Iced tea - but the price of each drink rises and drops with real-time demand inside a bar. This is the what childhood friends and co-founders, Mihir Desai and Amit Singh thought while setting up The Bar Stock Exchange. YS Weekender caught up Mihir Desai to understand the man behind BSE's unique model of supply and demand. The entrepreneur had jumped headlong into the hospitality industry after a bartending course. Since then, he has run over seven restaurants, developing deep insight into the sector. Mihir Desai is also passionate about cars, watches, cricket, fitness and travel.

Mihir Desai

Learning how to make decisions 

Management is a continuous process of decision-making. But where decision-making is concerned, the devil indeed lies in the details. It starts out as a means to an end – but is never the end itself. It calls for multiple skills and capabilities to achieve a fine balance. Of data and gut. Of the easy obvious and risky possibilities. Of the short and long term. Our columnists, Nandini Vaidyanathan and Janaki Rajagopalan, talk about the importance of decision-making in entrepreneurship.

Brewing the perfect cup

Who doesn’t love a perfect cup of coffee? Poornima Katyal, Founder of Third Roast Coffee, a speciality cold brew coffee tells all - her love for a good cuppa, why she joined the coffee business, and her plans for the world’s favourite brew. Recently introduced in Delhi- NCR, Third Roast has a flavourful portfolio of coffees. She also tells us how to make the perfect cuppa.

The grand Republic Day parade

Every year, on January 26, India celebrates its Republic Day - the day the Constitution of India came into effect. For most of us, Republic Day is a day to watch the grand parades on television. YS Weekender caught up with some officers of the armed forces to find out how they feel about the Republic Day and the magnificent parade.

Take the YourStory Angel Tax survey now

Have you taken our Angel Tax survey yet? It's time to give startups and key stakeholders a place to voice our common concerns about Angel Tax. At YourStory, we've been the voice of entrepreneurs and changemakers for the last 10 years. Now, let's come together to fill out our survey on the angel tax issue. Tell us your concerns. Share your suggestions. Together, we can amplify your concerns. Together, we can knock on the doors of policymakers and decisionmakers in New Delhi. Together, we can get heard and bring about lasting change. #AbolishAngelTax. Take our Angel Tax survey now. Let’s act, not react.

Angel tax

Proust with Anirudh Kheny

Anirudh Kheny is one of the Partners at 1Q1 Kitchen & Bar, a majestic art deco inspired kitchen and bar serving authentic Asian cuisine and decadent cocktails. Within a few months, it has been recognised by trade magazines as one amongst the “Best New Restaurants in the Country”. Anirudh’s interesting personal insights are revealed in our Proust questionnaire.

'Intuitive eating' and more

Struggling to knock off the last few pounds? Wondering why you are unable to get into shape? Nutritionist, Founder and Wellness Director of Body Cocoon, Janvi Chitalia has an inspirational story and some advice. Healthy eating and exercise are interlinked if you want to lose weight, says Janvi. According to her, it is important to understand the principles of ‘intuitive eating’ and find the right exercise regimen that suits you in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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