Unicorns like Uber & Airbnb improved their customer experience with Zendesk. Learn how you can too.


For many startups, becoming an overnight success is not just a dream – it’s a reality. But going from one customer to one million can turn into a nightmare if you’re not equipped to support them.

As a founder, you've probably given your startup your all -- spent every waking hour shaping your product idea, getting your tech right, testing your solution or hustling for capital. All this while working out of your apartment, in cafes, or even while on the go. Now comes the nerve-wracking part: your first customers are about to take your product for a spin. You know that you need a customer service team, but you've never built one before. Where do you begin?

Short answer: this workshop by Zendesk.

“Why Zendesk?” you may ask. Well, Zendesk is a global leader in customer service and has helped thousands of startups and even unicorns like Airbnb and Uber build relationships with their customers and scale their customer service. OLX, another client of Zendesk, was able to reduce their global ticket volume by 40 percent with Zendesk. Zendesk can help startups and scale-ups maintain personalised customer experiences as they grow—without sacrificing quality or increasing costs. It can help you be a CX leader in your class and win the game.

Win at customer service

Customer service can be a tricky game. So how do you win at it? There are many possible paths to take, and many decisions to be made. With your A-game, winning can be a reality. But customer service is also very serious. A single wrong turn can make your customers unhappy and cost your business money. Sometimes alliances — between you and your customers — need to be formed to get you across the finish line. This session will show startups that the key to winning at customer service is to think like your customers and provide a path of least resistance from problem to solution.

Learn from the ‘Zen’ master Kan Kunimura

As Director of SMB, APAC at Zendesk, Kan leads all SMB and startup-focused initiatives in the region. Leveraging his near-decade-long experience with startups across APAC with Zendesk, Kan will be talking about the importance of customer support at an early stage. The Startups and the customer experience session will also cover responsiveness to feedback, tools & technology and reporting & metrics.

“Startups are built on vision and passion, but it can be hard to cover all their bases, especially at an early stage. With this initiative, we are aiming to give them the tools and expertise to build a strong foundation in customer engagement, and allow startups to focus on building better products and services,” says Kan, as he explains the significance of the session. “A strong customer engagement setup can also give them a boost to stand out, especially in markets like India, that has a vibrant but extremely competitive startup space.”

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The Zendesk Startups and the customer experience sessions will be held across two cities in India. Further details are below. Note, it’s only limited to a select audience of 30 participants.


22 April

5 pm to 6 pm

Wework Galaxy

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23 April

6 pm to 7 pm

91springboard, Sector 18

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