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Sleep on this: When bed rest means more pain than recovery, relief is just a click away

Sleep on this: When bed rest means more pain than recovery, relief is just a click away

Wednesday August 14, 2019 , 6 min Read

“Work life and just life in general these days is stressful and so a good night’s sleep is crucial.” says Padma Rajendra Prasad, a 42-year-old self-employed independent lady who runs a design-based company in South India.

Research validates Padma’s statement, highlighting the rise in sleep disorders in the recent past. The Great Indian Sleep Scorecard 2019 shows that one in three Indians get only six to seven hours of sleep, lower than the ideal eight hours a night time frame, while 16 percent of Indians believe they suffered from insomnia. Given the rising sleep crisis in India, it is imperative to make sleep a priority in our lives and to take steps to ensure a sound night’s sleep.

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In Padma’s case, her quest to enhance her and her family’s quality of sleep began with research for a new mattress. Her mother, who stays in Chennai, had suffered a wrist injury a couple of years ago. While the need to shift to a better mattress for optimal rest wasn’t urgent, Padma had fleetingly searched for a memory foam mattress and its benefits. However, the price point at which memory foam mattresses were sold deterred her from making a buying decision at the time.

In 2018, however, a new memory foam mattress was truly the need of the hour. Padma recounts, “My mother suffered a fall in 2018 and she needed a knee surgery. She’s a senior, so the recovery process was slow, and being immobile meant many hours on the bed.” Being an extremely independent woman, the search to hire nurses and other help for her mother proved to be unsuccessful. The family needed a permanent solution that aided proper recovery. “Our mattress was doing the job, but my mother had started to experience aches and pains. It was then that a real need for a mattress which offered enhanced body support became urgent,” says Padma.

Armed with the basic knowledge of memory foam from her past research, Padma went online to look for solutions and options that would best suit her needs. A good combination of superior quality and affordable price ranked high on her selection criteria. Given the benefits of memory foam like relieving of pressure points, spinal alignment and body support, she was assured of the impact it was likely to have to her mother’s health. The challenge, however, was to narrow down on a brand that was high in product quality, reasonable in price and was recommended by people who had previously used it.

It was then that she came across for the first time. She read some good reviews about their products and noted that the price point was highly affordable, The 100-day trial period was also a factor that impacted her decision but her conversation with the sleep experts team was the deciding factor in making the purchase decision. “A team that is so confident of the products they are selling inspires confidence in you too.” she says.

But she did not arrive at this decision without having some misgivings. “I was a little apprehensive because no one I checked with had heard of back then. As an experiment, we decided on a single mattress and that's how I made my first Wakefit purchase,” she says.

“It turns out that my apprehensions were unnecessary, as my experience back then and for all my subsequent purchases so far has been a happy one. All my mattresses arrived on time, were packed well and had not been folded, something I made a special mention of in my delivery instructions. After my first mattress arrived, we found that it was a joy to sleep on! Truly,” she attests. “My Mum’s aches reduced significantly and her quality of sleep was much better.”

After she was satisfied with the single six-inch Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress which she had bought in April 2018, she then made two more purchases in the same year: a six-inch king size memory foam mattress (purchased in July 2018) and a customised memory foam mattress for a daybed in her living room. “I had been looking to customise a daybed in my living room, so I got in touch with customer care at, and they helped me with it.” she says.

Like Padma, there are a number of first-time customers who are uncertain about buying mattresses online. How do you know which is the right one since there are so many options and all of them seem to be great? Also, since you’re buying them online, how can you be assured that you’re not wasting your money on something unknown?

Here is where the sleep experts at play a crucial role in helping undecided customers like Padma make an informed decision. “From the time I placed the first order at Wakefit, I've been contacted by various members of the team who have been very helpful. When you are kept informed of the progress of your order and someone always gets back to you when you have a query, it helps build confidence. This was especially useful since I was making the purchase online. They helped me figure out what the best option was. What I appreciate most about them is that they took time to understand what I wanted and helped me select the option that was most appropriate for me.”

The trust she has in the brand is further affirmed when she says, “While my mattresses were purchased just last year, I cannot speak for their longevity yet, and I have not needed to test their claim of warranty either. But given my experience thus far, I am hopeful that should I ever need to, will honour their commitment.”

Padma has recommended the brand to her aunt, who she says is also a happy Wakefit customer. She says, “I have already recommended and will surely recommend a Wakefit memory foam mattress to anyone who is thinking of trying it out. It's priced well, the ordering process is smooth, after-sales service is helpful and, above all else, the quality of sleep is phenomenal.”

To experience the Wakefit promise, please click here and use coupon code WFYS12 for a 12% discount! Offer is valid till August 31, 2019.