[YS Exclusive] Mukesh Bansal has ‘No Limits’. Watch Curefit Founder talk about his new book and more

In an exclusive interview with YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma, Curefit’s Mukesh Bansal talks about his new book ‘No Limits, the art and science of high performance’ and how his belief of a healthy mind and body has shaped his life’s philosophy.

[YS Exclusive] Mukesh Bansal has ‘No Limits’. Watch Curefit Founder talk about his new book and more

Tuesday January 28, 2020,

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"It takes just six grams of gold to lift the worth of a nation.”

That’s the belief of India’s Olympic Gold Quest, which was founded in 2001 by billiards and snooker world champion Geet Sethi and badminton world champion Prakash Padukone.

Tech entrepreneur Mukesh Bansal, whose new book ‘No Limits, the art and science of high performance’ is creating all the right buzz, has decided to donate all the proceeds from the book to India’s Olympic Gold Quest. He writes in the book, “This (the proceeds) will go towards supporting athletes who aspire to make a mark in the 2020 and 2024 Olympics.”

Mukesh Bansal

Shradha Sharma with Mukesh Bansal. (Photo by R Raja)

The Co-founder and CEO of soonicorn Curefit, Mukesh has been a lifelong student of human performance optimisation. An avid fitness enthusiast himself, he is credited with having given health and fitness a whole new spin with Curefit that provides a holistic platform for Indians to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

I was speaking to Mukesh after a long time. He is known in the startup ecosystem for being media shy and it was not easy pinning him down for an interview. But as you will see from our conversation, it was well worth the effort.

We spoke about his book, his philosophy of life and work (you will find that at 1:27), his goal of making Curefit impact millions of Indians in a positive way (at 11.45), his fashion ecommerce startup Myntra’s acquisition by Flipkart (at 18.26), his views on how entrepreneurs can build a brand that stands out (at 12.47), and the fun rapid fire (at 28.37) where he answers questions on what money means to him and more.

[Watch the full interview here]

Mukesh says that through his book, No Limits, he wanted to share his understanding of what performance optimisation meant not only in business and sports but in life as well. And he has pretty much read everything that there is on the subject.

He says candidly, “Someone was asking me if I could summarise the book in one sentence, I said, it is a summary of 50 books.”

Like he does for his fitness, Mukesh set a goal of writing half an hour everyday. “Though that did not happen. But I managed to write three to five days,” he says.

That’s the trick to habit forming. “If you do it little by little everyday it becomes a habit,” he adds. And that should answer most of our questions about how to remain enthusiastic about our daily workouts.

“Fitness is a massive performance hack,” says Mukesh.

Talking about his goal for his business Curefit, Mukesh says they want to reach as many Indians. “We are ambitious in the impact we want to create. In another 10/15 years, we want to make the health of 100 million Indians better.”

Mukesh talks at length about profitability and hopes that because of the ecosystem’s focus on profitability, we will see better businesses emerge (you can watch at 20.47).

He also talks at length about his journey as an entrepreneur and how he got to where he is. “One step at a time. Focusing on one thing at a time and thinking long term. You need to have self awareness and need to introspect,” he adds (you can watch it at 23.01).

We round off the interview with an insightful rapid fire. Do not miss it at the end (at 29.37).

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