ZEE5’s Ad-suite is helping brands deliver hyper-personalised content to relevant audiences and maximising ROI


In the past, customer engagement was a fairly linear and straightforward process. A brand, which had a particular product or service would engage with its prospective clientele over print, hoardings, radio and television to build awareness. However, the digital media boom and the vast proliferation of mobile devices changed all that, and brands became aware that the customer was now looking for a more bespoke experience.

A recent study brought out in association with KPMG found that Indian viewers spent an average of 70 minutes a day on video platforms and that 87 percent accessed content on their mobile phones. The over-the-top (OTT) media market alone showed significant growth with 40 providers, and was valued at c. Rs. 35 billion in 2019. While this presented an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to customers, the challenge remained with how to do so in the most efficient manner with maximum. The right amplification tools help brands ensure that their content reaches the relevant audience and delivers the right message. But with the increasing proliferation of platforms, choosing the right one is crucial.

ZEE5 is a pioneer in the Indian OTT space. As the country’s largest ConTech brand, the platform streams hyper-personalised content across genres in 12 languages. It is also the country's largest producer of original content with nearly 14x that of other players like Hotstar.

Advertise, amplify, engage

In September 2019, ZEE5 announced the launch of AdSuite, an industry-disrupting world-class AdTech stack, which allows brands access to a large audience base, helps them segment and build various cohorts options with data insights, explore and adapt innovative ad formats and execute all of this in a brand-safe environment to run ads. It was created to be a one-stop solution for digital advertisers and brands looking to reach out to a quality audience. Ad Suite comprises five tools – Ampli5, AdVault, PLAY5, Infonomix and Wishbox – each with a unique approach to helping brands connect with their target audience.

Influence and impact: Ampli5 leverages influencer engagement, social marketing, branded content, content marketing and integration to boost brand loyalty and increase the impact of a campaign. It helps the brands understand what content – images, video, editorial – users will respond to and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Unlimited reach: AdVault offers advertisers a comprehensive range of solutions to match their campaign needs. It also helps deliver brand KPIs along with the flexibility to meet growing brand and marketing needs with the measurability to ensure unbeatable returns on marketing investment.

When packaged drinking water brand Bisleri was seeking to widen its reach, it decided to use the AdVault tool. The campaign targeted male and female audiences in the 18-44 age group across Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, TN, AP, Telangana, UP, MP, and Rajasthan. Ad Vault enabled the brand to accelerate its reach in a targeted manner that exceeded expectations. Over a period of 60 days, the campaign garnered 8 million video reviews, 8.3+ million views, a 4.77 percent CTR on the video and an 81.9 percent video completion rate.

Gamification game-changer: PLAY5 is an interactive tool that allows brands to engage with consumers via customised gamification, branded polls, and quizzes that create increased brand engagement. Research has shown that brands witnessed 80 percent more engagement with their audience and 5X more plage views using gamification.

Beverage brand Tuborg wanted to increase engagement with its younger users, and chose PLAY5 to create a gamified Karaoke platform, complete with a scorecard. The audience could sing along to their favourite hits on their mobile phones and check their scores. Brands leveraging Play5 witnessed 5X more page views and 80 percent more consumer engagement.

Action insights: Infonomix helps brands plan action-led campaigns using five key parameters – inventory, key-value, audience connection, devices, and geography. It helps brands segment audiences based on their interest, affinity, and demographics. Infonomix will give power to brands to segment and target to reach the right audience in the most effective way.

Video commerce reimagined: Wishbox is a tool that drives engagement through video commerce. It enables increased conversions, and delivers high-quality traffic to the brand’s site resulting in the discovery of relevant products, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

Speaking about the impact that AdSuite can make for brands, Taranjeet Singh, Chief Revenue Officer and Business Head, ZEE5 India, said, “With the launch of Ad Suite, we enable our brand partners to leverage the dual benefit of Big Data and creative flexibility. We deliver brand KPI’s on aspects like reach, saliency, lead generation and SOV while allowing for segmentation, personalisation and measurability to ensure higher returns on marketing investments. Our offerings within Ad Suite have been designed to help our brand partners in meeting varied brand and marketing goals.”

ZEE5 also provides unprecedented reach. With over 84 original shows and films launched across Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada in 2019, there are 20+ new shows in the pipeline till April 2020. The platform also witnessed a significant 252 percent growth since its launch in February 2018, with 8.9 million peak daily average users and over 100 million downloads as of September 2019.

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