How Daily Dump created India's first home composter and revolutionised waste management

Founded by Poonam Bir Kasturi, DailyDump is making home composting a habit for India. The solution for decentralised waste management in homes, communities, offices, and public spaces helps save over 50,000 kg of organic waste daily.

How Daily Dump created India's first home composter and revolutionised waste management

Sunday March 22, 2020,

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Cities in India (and the world) are exploding, and so is the waste created they create. An Indian family of four produces an average of 2.2 kg of waste each day. In a metropolis, that adds up to a lot of trash! 

What most people don’t know is that 60 percent of that waste is organic material (kitchen and garden waste), which can easily be composted into nutrient-rich manure at home.

Poonam Bir Kasturi has made home composting a habit for thousands of people across the globe with Daily Dump, India's first home composter for urban spaces, which she designed back in 2006, before Swacchh Bharat became a popular phrase.

"It is definitely easier to throw the waste out. But if you can convert it to useful and fertile ‘stench-free’ compost without much hassle, why not?”

That was her take when she created a home-composting innovation, seven years ago, which would reduce daily garbage output by 80 percent.


Daily Dump’s products and services, designed and built in-house, offer pioneering solutions for decentralised waste management in homes, communities, offices and public spaces.

Its range of composters, segregation products, books, services, and awareness material enable change in people's behaviour and mindset to help conserve the environment.

Their signature terracotta ‘Kambha’ has become a much-loved symbol of pride in customers' homes. Aaga, their community composter, is India's first hot pile composter. It does not use electricity, and is designed to be easily managed and maintained by urban apartment communities for decentralised community composting.

How DailyDump is using WhatsApp

Daily Dump has a dedicated WhatsApp number for customers to connect for any queries, support, information, and other details, and also uses WhatsApp groups to connect as a team internally and with partners in different parts of India. 

Through the WhatsApp Business app, they connect with around 50 customers a day, some of whom are in the US, Dubai, and Australia.

“We have many customers who reach out on our helpline with photos, and we give them live demos on what to correct,” Poonam says.

“In our business, this is critical. If a customer fails at their first attempt at composting, they will never get back to it.”

The timings and location map on the app also allows them to help customers get answers, and locate them without a problem. WhatsApp, for Daily Dump, has meant better customer satisfaction, quicker redressal of issues, increase in referrals, and ease of customer engagement.

Only about a decade ago, conversations surrounding waste segregation and composting were limited to niche segments of society.

Today, with around 60,000 customers on board, Daily Dump’s solutions not just help save over 50,000 kg of organic waste daily, but have also taken waste composting mainstream. It’s truly a trash-to-treasure story.