Aiisma launches data marketplace app with coronavirus tracking feature

The marketplace’s location sharing and health mapping features can be used for effective contact tracing, the strongest aid in fighting coronavirus so far.

Aiisma, a data marketplace, which rewards users for consensually and anonymously trading their data via the Aiisma app, has launched a data tracking feature for coronavirus. 

The marketplace’s location sharing and health mapping features can be used for effective contact tracing, which has been the strongest aid in fighting coronavirus so far. The insights gathered by the Aiisma ecosystem naturally create a digital fence against the coronavirus spread, supporting citizens and authorities in the fight against the virus.

AIISMA founder

Through the Aiisma mobile app users can consensually and anonymously trade their behavioural data for rewards and receive extra compensation for viewing ads on the marketplace. Businesses access this data through the Aiisma dashboard in a legal and economical format, to create relevant products and service offerings. Furthermore, the same channel can deliver highly targeted text, banner, and video ads to increase marketing efficiency for businesses. 

Aiisma has also expedited the release of its health mapping feature for individuals, to manually share and monitor health insights. Increased use of the app will enable authorities with proactive responses, due to sudden variations in the data pool. It also intends to release a trigger function for authorities to send anonymous alerts to any Aiisma user who might have come in contact with any positive tested carrier.

A few days before the launch, Ankit Chaudhari, Founder and CEO of Aiisma, discussed the subject with a microbiology consultant with the Delhi government and emphasised the importance of real-time data to fight coronavirus, while respecting citizen privacy. “This motivated Aiisma to expedite the health data feature, which in combination with location sharing will probably become the most used feature of our application over the coming weeks,” says Ankit. 

The economic impact of the pandemic is set to wreak havoc on small and medium businesses. Information from consumer-generated data will act as an enabler for SMB’s to take smart decisions with respect to their path forward. 

Nicholas Böhnlein, Co-Founder and COO of Aiisma, says, “As a millennial, I understand the power and value of my data, which is regularly monetised under the pretext of freemium by big tech companies. I would like to mention that we are open to sharing anonymous information with the respective authorities to assist them in fighting the pandemic.”

Aiisma was founded in 2018 by Ankit Chaudhari (India) and Nicholas Böhnlein (Switzerland) with its corporate HQ in the US, operations HQ in India and presence in the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Africa. 

With its #mydatamyasset philosophy, Aiisma intends to create a nationwide trend of returning the power of data back to users. The Aiisma data marketplace rewards users for sharing their data with businesses in need of real-time, structured, filtered, and legal data to improve products, services, and growth. 

(Edited by Javed Gaihlot)


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