Bengaluru's angel investors, industrialists start Thoda Bahut to help locals affected by coronavirus lockdown

The organisation will work with blue-collar workers, informal labourers, police, doctors and nurses to support them during the coronavirus crisis.

Bengaluru's angel investors, industrialists start Thoda Bahut to help locals affected by coronavirus lockdown

Friday April 17, 2020,

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Sometimes goodwill is more important than charity and Bengaluru's investors and industrialists are showing the way.

Atul Jalan (Manthan), Arun Chittilappilly (Wonderla), Alok Agarwal (investor), Naren Dubey, Anuj Jhunjhunwala, Parik Laxminarayan, Rajesh Rajaram, Rachit Bhandary, and Achal Goenka, all well known businesspeople, have come together to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. They started, a platform that enables locals to provide immediate intervention. Based in Bengaluru, they were able to identify beneficiaries and quickly set up suppliers locally to manufacture and deliver the required products.

Atul Jalan

Atul Jalan, CEO of Manthan

While the state and central governments are trying to contain the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, it takes time to identify individual problem areas, figure the response and get the machinery moving.

"But the local community can quickly identify local issues, and provide local solutions fast. And that is exactly what is needed today: speed," said Atul Jalan, the Founder of Manthan, who is also a member on the governing body of

Thoda Bahut identified beneficiaries in Bengaluru such as auto drivers who have been rendered jobless, to be supported with Rs 1,000 a month for three months. Healthcare professionals and police will be provided with 12,000 face shields every day until required.

Having tied up the suppliers and ensuring delivery, Thoda Bahut is now raising funds from within the community.

Thoda Bahut is an open platform, which means any community can start their own initiative. Organisations can also partner with Thoda Bahut, support the current campaign or run their own campaigns.

“The idea is to get the local community involved for the local community,” said Atul Jalan. “Because the beneficiaries and the problems are local, the community feels a greater sense of ownership and there is a greater desire to step up.”

“These are not huge contributions and huge amounts, but its the speed and efficiency with which these small amounts can be put to precise use that makes all the difference,” said Arun Chittilapilly, also on the governing body.

Thoda Bahut is looking for local Bengaluru organisations to step up and support the cause of Bengaluru’s auto-drivers, police and healthcare professionals.

Organisations or communities wishing to use the platform for their own community objectives are welcome. As are manufacturers who have products that can be of use to the beneficiaries in this scenario.

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Edited by Kanishk Singh