JioSaavn launches YourCast for podcast creators in India

JioSaavn wants to make visibility and audience development easier for local podcast creators. YourCast will allow podcasters to directly list their shows on JioSaavn.

JioSaavn launches YourCast for podcast creators in India

Monday April 20, 2020,

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Audio streaming platform JioSaavn is ramping up its podcast segment with JioSaavn YourCast that opens up new opportunities for visibility and audience development.

YourCast is a "creator’s incubator" that will allow local content creators to record, list, upload, and share their podcasts uninterrupted with 110 million JioSaavn listeners globally.

"YourCast helps create an integrated, end-to-end support ecosystem that empowers independent podcasters with tools to get their stories listened to. The new platform also streamlines the content curation process for podcasters," JioSaavn stated.

JioSaavn YourCast

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This comes at a time when podcasts are enjoying a surge in consumption in India, mostly driven by urban millennials scouting for quality content online.

India is already the world's third largest market for portable on-demand audio experiences, according to PwC, with an estimated 17.6 crore podcast listeners by 2023

JioSaavn claims to have seen a 10x growth in its podcasting catalogue since 2016. The platform houses over 200 hours of original content across multiple categories, and expects to grow that further with JioSaavn YourCast.

To launch their shows on YourCast, podcasters can submit user details and links to their RSS feeds through an online portal. The details will then be checked for authenticity and quality by JioSaavn’s in-house team, after which the shows will go live.


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Ishani Dasgupta - Lead, Podcast Partnerships at JioSaavn, said,

“Our mission is not only to make podcasting a daily habit among more people by delivering the most diverse entertainment options to our vast and growing user base, but also to help content creators and podcasters maximise their reach, visibility, and engagement of podcasts. JioSaavn YourCast fulfils both these objectives."

"Creators will be able to make their content available to a large and diverse audience base through the click of a button, and Platform users will have an array of culturally relevant podcasts spanning topics and genres that cater to every interest," she added.

Earlier in November 2019, JioSaavn's global peer Spotify too increased its focus on podcasts from India. It roped in a bunch of celebrity content creators to roll out platform-exclusive podcasts on varied topics like cricket, Bollywood, lifestyle, etc.

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