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Love of learning in the time of coronavirus: India’s No.1 math programme is now free for all grades

To help children achieve their academic goals with as little disruption as possible, Cuemath, an after-school maths excellence programme, has made its entire course material for Grades I to X free to access online.

Love of learning in the time of coronavirus: India’s No.1 math programme is now free for all grades

Tuesday April 07, 2020 , 4 min Read

With all educational institutions in the country being shut down and exams being postponed for the summer in order to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus, students stare at a risk of losing out on months of learning.

In fact, a Harvard University study notes that even one month of inactivity can cause a loss of learning worth 2 months. Touted as the Summer Math Loss effect, this is detrimental to the efforts of students and teachers, impacting the performance on their tests and long-term learning outcomes for students.

Given the severity of the virus' rampant spread, the lockdowns are unlikely to be lifted soon, raising worries about the continuity of the learning process. To help children achieve their academic goals with as little disruption as possible, CueMath -- an after-school maths excellence programme -- has made its entire course material for Grades I to X free to access online


The entire Cuemath universe covers:

  • Online learning courses designed by experts from IIT & Cambridge University, in sync with ICSE and CBSE boards
  • 300+ worksheets for 3x more practice than in school and advanced concept clarity, which are auto-corrected for instant feedback
  • Interactive simulations to visualise and understand concepts instead of memorising them
  • Daily Mental Math Practice App where just 10 minutes a day can increase the speed and accuracy of calculations by 2x

How does it work?

While the course costs Rs 15,000, students can access the free version by following these steps

  1. Click here and fill the registration form
  2. Follow log-in instructions sent to your registered email address
  3. Start uninterrupted learning!

With a vision of building a new breed of thinkers and problem solvers, Cuemath says its curriculum aims to help children understand the WHY behind the WHAT of math concepts.

Cuemath is focussed on math and helping children develop other critical thinking skills through the Cuemath Universe as Math is the language of thinking and the key to a better future for the children of today.

As Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google said: “It is easier to train a mathematician with computer science than the other way round”.

Tapping the right platform

Taking its goal forward to ensure seamless and consistent learning outcomes, Cuemath has created a unique math teaching platform, a technology that allows children to complete the coursework in 80 percent of the time than that which is standard across mediums, with about ½ the amount of time spent in a formal class with top tier results.

“Math is the language of everyday thinking and problem-solving. The ability to hold a job in the near future will depend on a person's math ability, making it one of the most valuable skills, and at Cuemath, we are teaching children how to learn math the right way” says Manan Khurma CEO, Cuemath.

The personal touch

There are several e-learning platforms out there who have made their online videos and courses free in these times. However, in this time of lockdown, parents, and children stuck at home are turning to videos for everything - entertainment, information, communication and learning too, making it necessary to give the video format a break.

Several studies show that while e-learning is the future of education, one-sided video formats are not - they don’t facilitate engagement, and are passive tools of learning. Basically, a lecture/classroom environment (even if virtual), is essential to promote and stimulate collaborative learning and increase students’ self-awareness. Moreover, learning with a teacher instead of a pre-recorded video enhances students' critical thinking skills. It gives students the opportunity to engage in live discussions in which they are forced to use their critical thinking skills to formulate opinions or arguments.

The company’s internal research has shown that studying with a teacher is 62% more effective for children than pre-recorded videos. In fact, a teacher is central to the Cuemath method as these math experts can guide the student to understand concepts better and fill gaps. By enrolling with Cuemath’s paid online program, students are assigned a trained & qualified math tutor for personalised learning and instant clearance of doubts.

By enrolling in Cuemath’s paid online program, one can also get access to a complimentary online Cuemath Summer Camp kit worth Rs 4,000. This is designed to help students develop skills complementary to math through activities like:

  • Learning the math behind coding
  • Understanding encryption and sorting algorithms
  • Developing critical thinking skills through puzzles

& more

While COVID-19 is yet to be contained, it is best to stay at home and wait it out. But, the learning must go on and Cuemath is doing the very thing needed to bring the classroom into your living room.

To register now click here