[Funding alert] Vesta Space Tech gets $10M funding from Next Capital LLC

Pune-based Vesta Space Tech estimates to achieve a 300 percent growth rate post the funding and aims to expand its innovative solutions across India and the world.

Pune-based Vestaspace Technology on Wednesday said it has received $10 million (about Rs 75.8 crore) in funding from US-based investment and advisory firm Next Capital LLC.

Founded in 2018 by Arun Kumar Sureban, Vesta Space Technology specialises in making small satellite platforms for commercial and scientific applications.

"The massive financial support will enable Vesta Space Technology expand the reach of its innovative solutions across India and the world. The company estimates to achieve a 300 percent growth rate post the funding," a statement said.

"Our association with Next Capital LLC began with my stay in the US for a project and has culminated into a promising financial deal that was cracked in April. This deal is going to be a great financial booster for Vesta Space Technology and will allow us to scale up our operations and expand our footprint globally," Sureban said.

Vesta Space technology is aiming to acquire greater momentum by enabling businesses to leverage the potential of small and nanosatellites in India, he added.

"I strongly believe that India has tremendous intellectual capital for our innovative ventures to work," he said.

With offices in Pune and Bengaluru, along with a 50-member strong team, the company has collaborated with several global space agencies, has partnered with 12 ground stations around the globe and specialises in building CubeSats and Nanosatellite technologies.

As per a 2019 report, the Satellite Data Service market is projected to grow from $7.5 billion in 2019 to $23.4 billion by 2025. Satellite data and imagery have proved their significance in making crucial decisions for the human race - from extensive use for observations in atmospheric, ocean, and land surface analyses, and also for atmospheric composition. A database of this information can be assimilated into the planning process at the grassroots levels - and Vesta Space is positioned to lead the pack in this domain.

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