[Funding alert] QuaQua raises $1 million from Anthill Ventures and other investors

QuaQua, an immersive travel platform, will use the funding to enhance its technology offering and user experience.

[Funding alert] QuaQua raises $1 million from Anthill Ventures and other investors

Tuesday June 02, 2020,

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QuaQua, a Hyderabad-based immersive travel platform, has secured a funding of $1 million from Anthill Ventures and other existing investors.

Founded in 2016 by Purav Shah and Sandesh Reddy, QuaQua will use the funds raised to enhance its user experience and build an end-to-end AI and content-driven travel platform.

QuaQua integrates VR-enabled travel content, meta-information, community and bookings for every point of tourist destination. According to the startup, the platform covers a customer's journey from travel inspiration to planning, bookings, travel support, and sharing travel memories.


The startup will also expand its booking features, ranging from flights, hotels, transfers, boutique experiences, staycations to personalised packages. The funds will also be used to create content for 125 additional tourist destinations within India through effective storytelling and curating of information.

Purav Shah, Co-founder and CEO, QuaQua, said, “QuaQua has received over 20 million video views in the last four months with 12 minutes average time spent by a user. Witnessing substantial increase in engagement rates post-March, the rise in demand for a content-driven end-to-end travel platform has strengthened our conversation with prospective investors and industry experts.”

QuaQua currently has users from 100 plus countries and a user base of over 2.5 million. Post the COVID-19 situation, the startup claimed it has gained increased audience traction as the repeat customers are close to 70 percent.

Despite major travel restrictions for tourists and the fear of COVID-19, people's fascination to have travel experiences will not fade anytime soon. The company has strategic growth plans to meet travellers’ needs through its products on virtual travel with high-audience engagement levels. The content on the QuaQua platform is free for all users with the idea of promoting sustainable tourism.

Sailesh Sigatapu, Partner, Anthill Ventures, said, “A content-first travel network is a revolutionary change in the industry. We are confident that QuaQua has the DNA to execute this new paradigm and are excited in partnering with them."

Edited by Javed Gaihlot