How QuickCredit is changing online lending space with its platform

How QuickCredit is changing online lending space with its platform

Thursday June 11, 2020,

3 min Read

In the last few years, the fintech industry has taken the Indian finance sector by storm. With each passing day, it has been rapidly evolving to grab borrowers’ attention from traditional bankers and financial institutions with features such as the ability to carry out instant transactions, instant money lending and minimal transaction fees.

The implementation of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain etc. has placed fintech businesses ahead of its competitors. They have improved on the efficiency of the modus operandi with which financial institutions operate, and the feasibility in offering highly convenient monetary services for the user. 

Conversely, the prevailing scenario, i.e. the lockdown, has created more room for fintech platforms to spread their wings and reach out to people to their best possible capacity.

In India, QuickCredit stands ahead to most in the list of online fintech firms in offering short-term credit solutions such as instant cash loans, salary advance loans, skill loans, and travel loans to those in need. The Hyderabad-based fintech company is offering instant cash loans without the need for face-to-face communication or verification, burdensome documentation, and providing collateral against a loan. 

In 2016, QuickCredit started its operations with a team of four fintech enthusiasts, and today, it is one of the leading online fintech platforms with more than 50 industry experts working relentlessly to render timely and convenient monetary services on a 24x7 basis across India. 

With more than 1 million visitors per day , 7 lakh borrowers and more than 1 million downloads on its Android app, QuickCredit has disbursed over Rs 4,031 million in loans since its inception. . Word of mouth has been the prime reason behind QuickCredit’s rapid growth journey till now.

The steadfast team of QuickCredit has designed an engaging interface for both website and mobile applications to ensure an effortless and easy loan borrowing experience. Enforcement of Artificial Intelligence technology and some complex algorithms optimise its engagement with customers and expedite user query resolution time. And what’s more, this technological integration also facilitates an instant eligibility check with details acquired from its database. 

With QuickCredit, borrowers can comfortably avail an instant cash loan in three simple steps with a onetime registration, document submission, followed by an instant loan approval. As soon as the borrower applies for a loan, the backend team analyses his profile for loan approval. Once the loan application is approved, the team will instantly dispense the cash to the borrower's account.

QuickCredit never expects borrowers to meet in person for verification purposes. Indeed, every stage of loan approval takes place online and instantly. Unlike any bank or financier, QuickCredit offers monetary assistance irrespective of the borrower's credit score. 

As people prefer comfort over complexity, they find operating through mobile applications for monetary assistance to be much easier than visiting banks. Owing to this fact, QuickCredit has developed an advanced application on Android to allow people to borrow money at their convenience. 

Users can download the application from Google Play Store. It has taken all measures to ensure an effortless loan borrowing experience with a user-friendly dashboard. A support team will always be at your service to assist throughout your journey with QuickCredit. All of these aspects have made QuickCredit to be ranked among the top 10 online fintech platforms in India today. 

Mr. Akhil Kumar Gunda, the Co-founder of Quick Credit says, “QuickCredit has always been involved in intense exploration for even better ways to expand credit services to every corner in India. And we will continue to do it.”