How recruitment portal KillerLaunch is helping India adopt PM Narendra Modi’s Vocal for Local push

How recruitment portal KillerLaunch is helping India adopt PM Narendra Modi’s Vocal for Local push

Monday July 20, 2020,

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COVID-19 and the subsequent nation-wide lockdown has sent the Indian economy into a tizzy, with employment rates dropping by at least 20 percent in the first two months. In fact, a report by GlobalConsultant said that India is set to lose around 130 million jobs due to the pandemic, and 40 percent of those would be blue-collar jobs. However, as per latest figures, the unemployment rate fell to its pre-lockdown level of 8.5 percent in the week that ended on June 21. In light of these trends, having a seamless platform that connects job seekers with recruiters is now prudent.

This is where KillerLaunch is providing an unmatched opportunity. KillerLaunch is a fast-emerging leading recruitment search portal that is helping Indian companies hire candidates and interns amid this pandemic.

At a time when Make In India has become the clarion call for helping the economy ravaged by COVID-19, KillerLaunch is paving the way for Indians to contribute to nation-building by adopting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vocal for Local push. Being self-reliant is the need of the hour and making the job hunt easier and accessible is the first step toward it.

Making remote working jobs accessible

Taking cognizance of the current situation, the platform is presently focused on providing an array of work from home job opportunities across industries and sectors for students, graduates, and young professionals.

These work from home opportunities are proving to be a blessing for young professionals and students who are on the cusp of making career choices, but whose plans were put on hold due to the pandemic.

To close the gap between job seekers and recruiters, KillerLaunch also has an extensive job seeker’s profile to enhance one’s chances of recruitment. This unique feature encompasses your comprehensive profile – work experience, skills, courses and tests undertaken and eliminates the cumbersome process of formatting a resume. Recruiters can occasionally be prone to appearance-based biases of resumes over skills. KillerLaunch’s job seekers profile neutralises such biases.

“According to certain studies, recruiters only look at a resume for 30 seconds or less, and many get rejected due to layout biases. We want to make the best of the allotted seconds and provide a clean and crisp overview of the job seeker’s skills and increase their employment chances,” said the KillerLaunch team.

Led by a woman entrepreneur, the platform has several new offerings and innovations to make job hunting more streamlined, safe and fruitful - all in an attempt to make Indians self-reliant. At the helm of all-Indian startup,the entire team at KillerLaunch is a staunch believer of promoting local businesses and talent.

KillerLaunch for Companies

While the platform is helping job seekers find plenty of opportunities, it has been instrumental in helping companies tap the right talent as well. It allows recruiters to list free job and internship openings, which job seekers can explore and use to submit their applications with an easy filtering option. It also allows users to fully control what recruiters can see on their application and profile. This helps both the recruiters and job seekers to save on time and narrow down on the persons who are best-suited for the roles.

And it’s not just about jobs either - KillerLaunch also lists great internship opportunities for students. An internship at the right organisation and the right field often helps you chart your career path and provides an enriching experience beyond classroom learning. However, finding the right internship can be quite a task. Not for students on KillerLaunch though. With a dedicated channel for interesting internship opportunities, students can find the right fit in the safety of their homes, instead of knocking on various doors.

The platform also has a one-to-one chat feature where job seekers can get all their queries answered about job opportunities, how to make their resumes stand out, the skill sets to acquire and much more from the experts at KillerLaunch.

Transparent, secure, efficient

Job seekers can also be transparent about their salary requirements on KillerLaunch to ensure more focus on compatible job postings and recruiters. All updates regarding shortlisting and hiring are available immediately on the platform as well as the candidate's email to ensure transparency and leaving no room for false hope.

What’s more, KillerLaunch not only lists jobs across industries such as marketing, finance, sales, media, it also has extensive opportunities for online jobs that can be part-time or full-time. Given the uncertain financial future in store led by this crisis, people lacking high-level job skills can take advantage of KillerLanch’s job listings for part-time data entry or typing jobs too.

Social media has exploded not just as a means for communication and interaction but also for marketing. Making the most of it, KillerLaunch recently launched its partner program that enables candidates to be a part of the nationwide influencer movement and get paid to promote KillerLaunch platform’s services. One can also refer friends to join the platform and gain exclusive rewards.