Here’s how this sales outsourcing agency is becoming the most reliable partner for startups

End-to-end sales outsourcing agency AOB India is helping startups expand, pick the right market, onboard quality clients and much more, leaving founders to focus on the core development of their products and services

Here’s how this sales outsourcing agency is becoming the most reliable partner for startups

Thursday July 02, 2020,

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Early-stage startups often have scarce resources, most of which are earmarked for R&D, prototyping or driving innovation, which means reaching out to consumers and working out a sales strategy is something that startups struggle with. It has always been a pain area for them.

This is where outsourcing sales to AOB India is proving to be the game-changer, where its tailor-made end-to-end sales outsourcing approach comes into play. With a sales outsourcing partner like AOB India, startups can focus on their core business development processes and leave the entire sales function to the experts.

“It’s tough for startups to attract the right sales talent, groom them and get the desired result. Many who approach us have tried their hands at handling a sales team and failed. Sales is a specialised subject and requires expertise and knowledge of different markets and multiple sales channels. We offer 360-degree solutions to our clients to help improve their sales performance,” says Praveen Kumar, CEO, AOB India.

In only six years, the company has helped numerous startups sell their products and services to potential customers across the length and breadth of the country.

Taking startups to the next level

AOB India has been instrumental in the sales success journey of many startups; helping them sustain in the market and keep their revenue flowing. “My dream is to help at least 10 startups achieve Unicorn status. You can judge us by the numbers we have achieved for our clients in the past,” says Praveen.

With a plethora of happy customers, AOB India has been a driving force for startups across sectors to truly achieve their potential, scale and onboard the right clients. OyeSpace - a gate security app provider is one such startup. AOB India helped OyeSpace reach out to 5,000+ societies in seven cities, gaining the ‘No.1 Gate Security App’ title in a survey by Hindustan Times.

Every startup dreams of getting that coveted funding. But what is it that a venture capitalist (VC) looks for in a startup? – A proof that the concept has potential. So, when iMenus (a digital menu app) approached AOB India, the company helped them pick the right market and onboarded quality clients for them.

“In just four months, 250+ restaurants were doing 100+ transactions each day on iMenus. Today, the startup is all set to receive a Rs 30 million funding from Artha Ventures,” Praveen says.

Another crowning achievement for the company is its partnership with the food-tech startup BellyMelly. This partnership helped the startup onboard 3,000+ restaurants in Delhi and Mumbai in four months, making it a recognised food aggregator app in the country.

Startups are finding ways to expand into untapped markets which helps them drive revenue, thanks to AOB India. Take the case of Bengaluru-based startup Confirmtkt which was able to expand in the North Indian market after AOB India helped it add 250 new partners in three months and increased the train ticket search engine startup’s revenue by Rs 6 million.

AOB India’s network is not limited to India alone. They have extended their sales outsourcing support to companies abroad as well. Its strong FOS force reached out to 1,000+ retailers in 60 days for the B2B marketplace provider Zilingo.

Dedicated sales requires strategic planning, strong teamwork, perseverance and honesty. One can never reach their sales goals by employing part-time sales teams or commission-based onboarding agents. Sales is an art! One needs a dedicated full-time sales team, clubbed with market knowledge, a good pricing & positioning strategy to succeed. AOB India has what it takes to make any startup embark on this journey of reaching out to the right target audience, potential customers and most importantly “sell” on their behalf!

Beyond the startup realm

Not just startups, but AOB India is the sales outsourcing partner for several established businesses as well. From partnering with the 50-year-old establishment CONA Electricals and the 25-year-old Pramura Software to expand further, to Paytm, Dabur, HDFC, 5paisa, Panasonic India, Keventers, etc. to help with sales.

In fact, it has successfully achieved close to 6,01,108 sales closures so far and has generated a sales revenue of total Rs 32,84,04,624 for its clients.

AOB India is a target-oriented organization. With discipline, dedication and resilience, they are creating demand, converting opportunities and closing sales. Sales isn’t easy; but a rigorous process backed by the largest Feet-On-Street sales force and efficient tools and technology can help you achieve and exceed your targets effectively. Looking for a high-performance sales partner? You can rely on AOB India.