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How the Audi A6 redefines benchmarks for the business class

With its end-to-end digitalisation, enhanced comfort and sportiness, coupled with a technical, yet elegant design, the latest Audi A6 is more versatile than ever before.

How the Audi A6 redefines benchmarks for the business class

Friday October 30, 2020 , 4 min Read

The Audi A6 is part of a car series that is a culmination of the company’s prowess in technical advancements and automotive design and engineering. The Audi A6 is the eighth generation of the successful full size sedan and also the company’s first BS-VI compliant model in India, brings numerous innovations to the segment.

With its end-to-end digitalisation, enhanced comfort and sportiness, coupled with a technical, yet elegant design, the Audi A6 is more versatile than ever before, and epitomises the very best of luxury and technology.

Packing a powerful punch with an upgraded powertrain

The Audi A6 45TFSI comes with a powerful 2.0L TFSI engine, generating 370 Nm of torque that can take it from 0-100 kmph in 6.8 seconds. The engine comes with a 7-speed S tronic transmission, and to further enhance its efficiency, it is fitted with a mild hybrid system consisting of a belt alternator starter (BAS) and a lithium-ion battery. This system can recover up to 12 kW of energy during deceleration.

The exterior – a marriage of technical prowess and elegant design

The Audi A6 is the latest ambassador for Audi’s design language. With its taut surfaces, sharply defined edges, striking lines and balanced proportions, the business-class sedan unmistakably stands for sporty elegance and sophistication. The wide, low-slung single frame grille with chrome trim, the flat headlights and the powerfully contoured air inlets exude elegance and sportiness at the front, while a chrome strip accentuates the rear and provides a link between the lights.

The interior – futuristic design

The Audi A6 is built to provide a generous amount of space, and comes with many convenient features. Its interiors are larger than on the outgoing model and features a black-panel design – a cool look that expresses the technical competence and digital character of the business sedan, with more legroom. The center console in the Audi A6 comes with a black-panel look, that almost disappears into an aluminum clip when switched off.

MMI – superior technology that takes convenience to a whole new level

The all-digital multi-media interface (MMI) is a prime example of the end-to-end digitalisation which the Audi A6 brings to the business class. Its touch response system, smartphone-like display and operating system, and the level of personalisation makes its use an intuitive experience.

The MMI can be operated through the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel. There is also a head-up display which projects information relevant to the driver into the driver’s field of view on the windshield. For instance — a detailed junction map for the navigation.

While the powerful MMI navigation is a fitted standard, Audi also offers the MMI navigation plus – a highly networked media hub. Both systems offer many innovations, including a self-learning function based on driven routes. With MMI navigation plus, the A6 features a full range of navigation and infotainment offerings that make it stand apart as a smart business-class sedan. This includes a self-learning function for driven routes and driver profiles, where 400 such settings can be stored onto the car’s key.

MMI navigation plus comes equipped with the Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System that delivers 3D sound. The Audi A6 also allows for a wide range of vehicle functions, such as controlling the air conditioning systems, to be performed with speech commands through its intelligent and natural language voice interaction system.

Users can also seamlessly connect their smartphones with the Audi A6 through the standard Audi Smartphone interface. A seamless connection with Apple Carplay® and Android Auto® is also available.

Progress meets peace of mind

Upon purchase, Audi India is offering a host of peace of mind benefits on the Audi A6. These include: complimentary roadside assistance for five years; a comprehensive service package for five years; extended warranty for 2+3 years; roadside assistance for 2+3 years; and a rate of interest of 5 percent for five years with participating banks.

To help customers get acquainted with the features of Audi A6 in a more comprehensive manner, Audi India has introduced the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) elements that give them a life-like experience of the look and feel of the car, along with configurations before purchase.

Click here to experience the Audi A6.