InsurePays helps you secure your future while living in the present. Find out how in this episode of Money Matters


Keerthi Kumar Jain, the co-founder and CEO of InsurePays, aims to transform the way people perceive and pay insurance premiums with his latest venture. Launched in April 2020, InsurePays is taking the Insuretech sector by storm with its unique service that offers insurance consumers rewards for timely premium payment - be it Life, Motor or Health - via thousands of partner brands, across 300+ categories round the year.

InsurePays is an agnostic, technology-led, insurance-focused platform that assists stakeholders in their endeavors without any direct role in the distribution of any insurance products.

Starting November 9, the company had launched ‘InsurePays League’ — a week-long event where the first 25,000 new registered users on a daily basis will receive consolidated gift vouchers upwards of Rs 9,100, gold and assured cash prizes. These vouchers can be redeemed from any of its partner brands - from e-commerce giants to beauty e-tailers, to online grocery stores.

Meet KK Jain

The man behind this interesting concept, Keerthi Kumar Jain, will be speaking exclusively to YourStory next week to deep dive further into the idea behind InsurePays, the technology being leveraged and its future road map, among others.

An industry veteran with a storied career of over 15 years at ICICI and Yes Bank, among others, KK is a technocrat at heart - He is the founder of the fintech platform, which is amongst the most successful and fastest growing NBFC P2P platform in India, before founding InsurePays.

The company, Keerthi says, is on a mission to reward people who honour their insurance premiums by making timely payments, and at the same time, ensure that their present is also taken care of.

“If you take a bank loan, you always have the option of closing it early. However, if you close insurance before maturity, you lose a large chunk of your hard-earned money. With InsurePays, we are making sure you honour your insurance premiums that will take care of your future, and be rewarded for it in the present.”

Among the many features of the app is the spend tracking and management feature which provides the user with an analysis of spend, access to premium experiences, and 100 percent value back-tracking against each of their policies.

With over 38,000 users registered, and more than Rs 685 million already given in value back on premiums paid, the company is now looking to grow and aims to onboard 200,000 users by the end of the InsurePays League.

Why tune in for this episode?

If you feel like your insurance premium, while making your future secure, is making the present difficult for you with their hefty sums, if understanding the nitty-gritty’s of Insurtech and rewards ecosystem interests you, or you just want to make the most of your premium-paying years, this episode is for you.

Keerthi will deep dive into what makes InsurePays a unique platform, how people can leverage it to make the most of their insurance premiums, how it has created an ecosystem of partner brands and a sneak-peek into the very lucrative InsurePays League.


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