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Banyan data Services

How two-year-old Banyan Data Services is enabling businesses overcome the complexities of data management and security

How two-year-old Banyan Data Services is enabling businesses overcome the complexities of data management and security

Monday December 21, 2020,

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In today’s digital economy, every bit and every form of data is relevant to businesses. The success and brand differentiator of any business today depends on how well it is able to leverage this data. And, with this the data technology stack has become the backbone of business growth.

Headquartered in California with an office in Bengaluru in India, Banyan Data Services offers an extensive portfolio of solutions across Cloud, devops and data services. The startup, with its focus and expertise on data solutions suite and data infrastructure services, is seen as an emerging provider of managed data services for multi-cloud infrastructure, going past effortless migration support and infrastructure management services. “The founding principle of Banyan Data Services is our passion for data. We continually research, innovate and build our expertise in all data technologies to enable businesses leverage data in growing their business,” shares Nagesh Konduru, CEO & Founder, Banyan Data Services

Overcoming challenges in data management and the need for it

With over two decades of industry experience, Nagesh worked with Apple in the early years and led the infrastructure services for Apple’s critical consumer-facing systems such as iTunes and iCloud. He comes with a strong understanding of building IT infrastructure stacks and engineering-focused managed IT services. In his two-decade stint at Apple, he not only contributed to developing various critical applications but also fostered centres of excellence for new database technology teams and built 24x7 Global Support Operational teams.

“With over two decades of data infrastructure experience, I have witnessed how the challenges in data management have evolved. The problem today is that traditional IT practices and tools are unable to address these challenges, leading to inefficient digital transformation efforts and increasing the cost for the businesses,” shares Nagesh.

This need for expertise and tools to collect the real-time data, analyse and transform raw data into useful information that simplifies decision-making is compounded by the complexities of being surrounded by hundreds of data technologies for different data use cases. This makes it challenging for businesses to select and implement these technologies with the exception of large enterprises who have an army of IT teams.

It is here that Banyan Data Services’ expertise and home-grown tools to support a vast number of next generation data technologies in RDBMS, NoSQL, Cache, Log and Big Data becomes relevant. “We are enabling companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, to adopt and implement robust data architecture and management. We simplify the complexity support model for heterogeneous data technologies with unified DevOps and data Services. Our support tools and processes are driven by Machine Learning, which improves the efficiency and reduces the support cost and human errors. And, our architects provide the solutions to design and architect the custom data solutions based on the business needs,” says Nagesh.Today the startup counts DriveU, 7 Sugar, Via, among other startups and enterprises as its customers.

One stop shop for data managed services

Banyan Data Services provides next generation data managed services, starting right from consulting, strategy and then going on to implementation and support - all tailored to customer needs and budgets. For instance, its data strategy and governance offerings enable businesses to define their strategy while being focused on data governance. The startup provides comprehensive solutions with right data technologies to handle the way a data is accessed and shared for a variety of data types. And, given that today businesses operate in an always-on marketplace, Banyan Data Services helps businesses to make decisions based on the social media driven demand. “Our SMEs possess deep expertise on log search technologies and streaming platforms, which enables the real-time processing of logs to get instant reports for the intelligent decision systems across all the verticals.” Banyan Data offers Big Data Analytics solutions for real-time analytics that includes log aggregation, data storage, querying and visualisation BI tools.

The startup also supports data migration activities across different database technologies, which can be from on-premises to cloud and across multiple cloud platforms. “Our cost-effective migration solutions built on BDS automation tools with proven industry best practices enables seamless data migration with a minimum business impact.” Given that the startup is a cloud partner of all popular public clouds - be it Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), its team of certified experts and Data Services Reliability Engineer take up the lift and shift migration projects of data technologies from on-premise to cloud, and migration between different clouds with ease, explains Nagesh. A highlight of the startup’s services is the 24X7 global support model. “Typically, traditional IT companies largely depend on the multi-level escalation support model for incident response and support triage. However, these are redundant through our automation processes. Our support tools and processes are driven by the ML-based automation tools, which improves efficiency and reduces human error and eventually reduces the cost to the company,” shares Nagesh.

The CEO and Founder explains that while one of the primary tasks for businesses is to carefully select the suitable cloud technology - be it private, public or hybrid cloud, equal emphasis needs to be on the selection of the stack. “The cost for future upscaling should be borne in mind while selecting the technology stack. In addition, during the process, businesses should maintain the quality of data and focus on data security.” To enable businesses to meet industry and regulatory data security requirements, Banyan Data Services has established a data security standards baseline for most database technologies and its data security experts work with businesses to enforce these baselines, and carry out frequent audits to ensure compliance of the data infrastructure to various regulations.

Today, given the fast-paced development and advances in AI, ML, hybrid cloud and edge computing, businesses will have access to more information at their disposal.

“This highlights the need for businesses to adopt multi-data technologies on hybrid cloud, which is where next-gen managed services like that of Banyan Data Services to support the tech stack will come to the fore.”

Here, Nagesh believes that here Banyan Data Services with its clear roadmap provides a robust framework for ensuring data governance and data security on hybrid cloud and helps businesses to manage their data effectively and efficiently as they move forward in their data journey.