Why constructing a data-driven sales approach is indispensable

Sales professionals are evolving with the changing needs of the market to understand the consumers better and effectively approach them with a solid data-driven sales pitch.

Why constructing a data-driven sales approach is indispensable

Monday April 12, 2021,

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There are a million things that we want to buy and there are another million things that we don’t. Every purchase that humans make today is either because of need, desire, pent up energy, or just for the sake of buying. However, every purchase is driven or influenced – and that is where sales come in.

Whether a person is buying a hair colour, investing in the stock market, hiring a digital marketing firm, or looking for the perfect cake – everyone wants to be traversed into making the purchase.

Today, sales professionals are evolving with the changing needs of the market to understand the consumers better and effectively approach them with a solid data-driven sales pitch.

It has given birth to technological advancements benefitting both small-scale and large-scale organisations by analysing individual information and helping in curating offerings and/or strategies based on comprehensive market research that ensnares consumers’ attention.

What is a data-driven sales approach?

Based on a huge variety of data points collected from consumers via website surveys, in-person data collection, online visits, social media search history, and more, a data-driven sales pitch is created.

The heaps of data enable the seller to formulate a strategy based on the consumer’s psyche and preferences, which allows them to influence the consumer to make the purchase.

How to approach a data-driven sales pitch?

Superior consumer insights

The most credible way to approach potential audience is by looking into their likes and dislikes, their preferences, and their purchasing power. Having deep insights into the buyer demographics and interests will help you to not only segment them but also offer meaningful experiences.

Moreover, being informed about your audiences’ intent to buy will enable you to make strategic decisions.

Strong, effective messaging

To come forth as more confident in front of your audience, to engage in worthwhile conversations, and to engage in making purchases, the brands must communicate using an effective content marketing tool and strong, well-researched messaging.

Further, data-driven insights will strengthen the communication, encouraging the target audience to move forward with the offering in the cart.

Establish value proposition

Brands can leverage customer-centric data points such as spending patterns, income, demography, disposable income, etc, and tailor the sales pitch messaging with the product/service to offer an irresistible value proposition to the potential target audience.

Targeting based on customer journey

Now businesses/brands can target customers on their purchase journey (while they are using social media, browsing on the internet, etc) to reach out to them with a more valuable experience and a well-strategised data-driven sales pitch to convince them in making a favourable decision.

What makes the data-driven sales approach indispensable?

Creates up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

It always costs less to indulge a customer in a repurchase than getting onboard a new client. Hence, businesses/brands must always remember to maximise the customer life cycle by tapping into the latest industry insights.

Builds a personal repo

While reaching out to a brand, organisation, or a potential customer with a sales pitch, one must remember that building a real connection comes way ahead of indulging in a short-lived rendezvous.

Data insights about your potential customers will allow you to approach accordingly and build a long-lasting personal repo.

Cultivates learning

This is one of the requisites for potential growth in the future, not just for the team but also for the organisation/brand. Constructing a sales pitch subject to deep market research will encourage personal growth while enabling the brand to tap into the customer subconscious.

The bottom line

Embracing the data-driven approach is the stepping stone in creating a pitch that helps businesses go above and beyond the competition to be recognised and consumed.

Customer insights enable brands to understand and acknowledge customer’s purchase-related decisions that help make predictive analysis to engage the customer at the right time with the right message.

Edited by Kanishk Singh

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