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Decode the top consumer experience trends of 2021 at Freshworks’ CX Trends for 2021 & Beyond

Industry leaders will get together to discuss how strategies like leveraging chatbots, social media channels and messaging can boost customer experience and what other trends are likely to drive user engagement and brand loyalty.

Decode the top consumer experience trends of 2021 at Freshworks’ CX Trends for 2021 & Beyond

Thursday March 18, 2021 , 3 min Read

While the COVID-19 pandemic had a defining effect on businesses, its effect on consumer behaviour continues to change, even a year on. As businesses align themselves to an evolving environment, the focus has shifted on understanding the trends that will rule customer experience in 2021. Industry leaders will gather to share their insights about some of these trends at Freshworks’ webinar on ‘CX Trends for 2021 & Beyond’ on March 25, at 2 PM.

Founded in 2010, Freshworks offers businesses a unified customer engagement platform with a 360-degree view of user experience on multiple channels.

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What's in store for you

They say knowledge is power and it couldn't be more true for data insights. Accurate market insights can help businesses shape strategies that drive impact in terms of growth and customer experience. The changes in consumer behaviour underline how necessary it is for businesses to know what users are thinking.

The ‘CX Trends for 2021 & Beyond’ conclave will seek to answer questions about how 2021 will fare in terms of customer loyalty, engagement, and how businesses can deliver a rewarding customer experience. If you are a digital marketer or a startup looking to drive user engagement, here are some of points which will be discussed during the webinar:

  • Decode some of the key trends that will dominate customer experience in future.
  • Hear some of best minds from the industry share their insights
  • Know why and how leveraging chatbots, social media channels and messaging can boost customer experience
  • How organisations like Knowlarity & Konnect Insights have revamped their customer experience strategy to drive impact in 2021

Some of top industry names will be speaking at this event, including, Vishal Chopra, Head of Marketing, Freshworks; Rajat Chawla, Founder & CEO, Global CX Influencer, Koyopo; Jaideep Kumar, Chief Sales Officer, Knowlarity and Sameer Narkar, Founder, Konnect Insights.

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The NEW CX Mandate

Freshworks has also compiled a report of insights and predictions by 1,500 customer service leaders from across the world. Titled ‘The New CX Mandate’, the 28-page report states that customer expectations increased in 2020. Moreover, budgets are also increasing globally. Around 56 percent of the customer service leaders interviewed for the survey said that they saw bigger budgets in the past year as compared to 2019. It also predicted that customer experience in 2021 will be about business agility and embracing remote working.

The report also mentioned that as work moves from offices to homes, more businesses are prefering to invest in remote-ready tech and self-service solutions. Moreover, they are likely to employ more artificial intelligence-powered chatbots and automation tools for user engagement.

These are just a few of the insights that will be discussed in the webinar which will help businesses strategise optimally and be future-ready.

As the world gets ready for a new normal, businesses can scale ahead by leveraging actionable insights they can get from this webinar. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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