Ankur Capital Dialogues to steer conversation around tech’s role in fighting climate change

Ankur Capital Dialogues to steer conversation around tech’s role in fighting climate change

Monday April 12, 2021,

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India is the world's second-largest aquaculture producer and is among the top four exporters of shrimp to the US, Japan and Europe, as per the World Wide Fund. Over the years, a prolific aquatic value chain has shored up the country’s economy. However, this value chain has suffered at the hands of humans too often as climate change continues to endanger the ecological balance of the planet.

Efforts on the part of the government and their limited reach has triggered research around what technology could do to rescue the aquatic ecosystem. In an effort to steer a dialogue in that direction, April's Ankur Capital Dialogues — a monthly webinar that brings industry experts and leaders together to discuss how technology could drive change in different fields — will be on the topic ‘Energising Global Aqua Supply Chains With Disruptive Tech’ and will be conducted on April 14, 2021 at 5 pm.

After helping several businesses achieve milestones since its launch in 2014, Ankur Capital is now aiming to empower the future with the help of technology. These conversations seek to galvanise the ecosystem and encourage it to design solutions that can make a difference.

The timing of the initiative couldn’t be any better as the world needs more such conversations to accelerate innovation in this direction. According to a World Economic Forum report, around 8 million ton of plastic is dumped in oceans worldwide. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans of the world than fish.

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What's in store for you

Participants attending the digital event can look forward to hearing interesting insights from some of the brightest minds from the startup ecosystem and Ankur Capital.

While the discussion would be moderated by Ritu Verma, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Ankur Capital, Chrisna Aditya, CTO, eFishery; Uttam Gowda, Founder and CEO, Captain Fresh; Dr Ezhil Subbian, CEO, String Bio and Amy Novogratz, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Aqua Park would be the panellists for the event.

Some of the topics that the panellists would discuss are:

  • What are the areas in the aqua value chain that have been impacted majorly due to climate action and hence, merit immediate attention.
  • Can technology and innovation be leveraged in these areas
  • Given how often product economics doesn't factor in climate change, most products and services don't fare very well in terms of sustainability. The panellists would discuss some of the ways in which these 'hidden costs' could be included in the value of the product and the suggested practices to do that.
  • They will also assess if consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of climate change on aquaculture and how does this knowledge affect their preferences

There are several startups, venture capitalists and other enterprises that are innovating to drive an impact. From cutting-edge solutions such as cleaning the bottom of the ocean with artificial algae, growing cell-based seafood, converting methane into aquafeed to powering aqua supply chains with tech, these entrepreneurs are propelling disruption with their talent.

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