[Jobs Roundup] These openings may help you land a role at hyperlocal ecommerce startup DealShare

Bengaluru and Jaipur-based DealShare is looking at the next phase of its growth, which will include expanding to newer geographies, scaling operations, and expanding local sourcing networks.

Last month, hyperlocal ecommerce startup DealShare raised Rs 70 crore from venture debt firm Alteria Capital. The startup is focussed on the mid-income demographic of 500 million new Internet users and has raised total capital of $34 million.

The debt is expected to be utilised for expansion into several new markets as well as marketing purposes. 

Sourjyendu Medda, Co-founder, DealShare, had said:

"We have seen tremendous growth in the last few years as we marched forward in our mission to cater to 500 million new-to-internet users. We are very happy to partner with Alteria Capital as they share a common vision and this capital will help us boost our progress in the right direction."

The team is now looking at the next phase of its growth, which will include expanding to newer geographies, penetrating deeper into current markets, scaling operations, expanding local sourcing networks, and strengthening its technology platform across business verticals. 

Here is how you can be a part of DealShare's growth journey:

Public Relations Manager

Experience required: 4-7 years

In this role, the PR manager will develop PR campaigns and media relations strategies as well as take responsibility for preparing press releases, keynote speeches, and promotional material. The manager will also build positive relationships with stakeholders, media, and the public, collaborate with internal teams to maintain open communication with senior management, and more.

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Talent Acquisition Manager

Experience required: 6+ years

In this role, the talent acquisition manager will work closely with the hiring managers to understand the departments' requirements both in terms of the skillset of the candidate required and the responsibilities expected from the candidate. Following this, the talent acquisition manager will prepare an effective sourcing approach and plan and drive the sourcing efforts.

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Team Lead - Customer Care (Sales)

Experience required: 3+ years

In this role, the candidate is expected to manage outbound customer communications by doing outbound calls and emails to address customer questions, requests, and issues. The team lead will also consult on customer success and advise customers on how to successfully leverage the product or service based on their unique needs.

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MIS Executive

Experience required: N/A

The MIS Executive will provide support and maintenance to existing management information systems (MIS), generate and distribute management reports in an accurate and timely manner, develops documentation to allow for smooth operations and easy system maintenance, and more.

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Assistant Manager/Manager - Operations

Experience required: 4+ years

This role at DealShare involves strategically planning and managing logistics, warehouse operations, inventory management. The candidate will also be responsible for managing day-to-day operations of a large-scale warehouse, delivering daily performance targets, managing large teams of outsourced staff directly and indirectly, and more.

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Edited by Megha Reddy